President Mwanawasa’s letter from the Grave

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Levy Mwanawasa

Its the 10th Anniversary since President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa passed on.

He is the only one that wrote his detailed Will, and a video portion to be shown on national television to the World immediately after his death.

He also penned this letter to be read after his death.

My people,

I tried to tell you this when I was still alive. I looked for every opportunity- my speeches were all filled with this one thing but you were deaf.

You thought I was like the others when in actual fact, I really meant what I was saying. I had all of you at heart. I loved you genuinely.

You thought I had come to plunder you. I know you felt hurt when you saw me get fat yet you never knew how thin my heart was becoming every day I saw the suffering of my people.

Most of you thought your suffering never bothered me. Most of you thought now that I was In state house, I ceased to be a human being who felt after you. You thought I never cared what happened to
each one of you rich and poor alike. But you were the reason for my existence.
My dream was to create a better Zambia, a Zambia that was united, a Zambia that would inspire hope in all of your hearts; a Zambia in which every person would be treated fairly; a Zambia in which resources of our nation would be used for the benefit of all the people including the rural poor; a Zambia were people will be respected; a
Zambia in which criminals would be convicted and the innocent set free.
Every day I worked towards that dream. But it was not easy to achieve. I inherited a nation that was on a highway to the grave. A nation whose citizens including the donor community had lost hope and trust in. When I came into power, more than 60% of the people didn’t like me. The same 60% plus unanimously changed my name from Mwanawasa to cabbage. A few days later, major share holders of Konkola Copper Mines abandoned it.

What this means is that I inherited a nation that was rejected by all. If I wanted, I would have made Zambia my money making machine in such a scenario. But I refused that. In all the coarse, I saw an opportunity to start all over again. I realized this could only become feasible if I became Zambia and Zambia became.
Hence the only people who believed that Zambia would rise again was only God and I. I refused to think that the case for my country was over. I ensured that the case for Zambia was re-opened.
I started to work. Even when there was no reason I still continued hoping and believing that one day, my people will
smile again. Even when I was criticized for being a baptized globe trotter, I still believed. I knew one day you will all come
to your senses that it was for you and you alone that I lived for.
I risked my life for Zambia by challenging those it was impossible to challenge. Those who were more, powerful and rich than I was. They had the money; they had the influence which I didn’t have.

Yet I knew Zambia was in my heart and Zambia wanted justice. I was more like a small dog barking at an experienced lion. I was bruised but I continued fighting. At times I thought I was using the energy of my country in vain. I still never gave up.
I was accused of treating the guilty well. But what you never knew was that the best way to handle a criminal is to make him realize that he is human and then tell him that he will be punished for robbing
humanity from Zambians. On the other hand I would have been a criminal my self if I never treated them justly. For only a criminal follows no laws in his dealing with his fellow country man.
As I labored for you, my life was often a lonely one. For most of you thought I don’t have feelings. You thought it never bothered me that your working conditions were bad-that investors were mistreating
you-that there wasn’t enough accommodation for you and your children. What you never knew was that I really cared. I was in a hurry for all of you to have a good life.
But you see, a nation is built on many fundamental principles. There is a procedure that has to be followed no matter how urgent or pressing an issue may be. A good life for every citizen is the fruit of a good foundation. And those are the foundations I was working on. It is true that when the foundation is bad, there is nothing a good man can do. And this fact arched.
Every time I worked hard, I realized that my health was failing at some point. I would feal my body at times failing to hold me upright. Then you started saying that for the good of the nation, I should resign. Some of you thought that I was so uneducated that I never knew what would befall me.
However, remember that I had doctors under me. I was equally advised that it would be prudent if I stopped work or some thing serious was inevitable. That tempting indeed; I remembered how my
wife suffered on my bed side for six months when I survived that accident. I realized it could repeat itself if I didn’t quit.

Then I thought of my daughter Lubono and the other children who are still young and expect a lot from me. If I didn’t quit, I knew they would grow up without a loving and caring father. My heart was torn apart and I was tempted to step down.
However I realized that Zambia still needed me. I had to set it free from the impending condemnation to abject poverty and animosity. I saw with delight that Zambia was for the first time moving in the right direction. A lot of successes were scored and it was no longer a rejected nation that I had inherited.

In view of this, I therefore
opted to continue fighting at the detriment of my life and happiness of my family -all for you. I sacrificed my family on the altar
of Zambia. I endangered my wife and children so that your wives and children should have a future they could ever dream and hope for.
Every day, was a blessing to me. For I never knew I could see it. I knew I would suddenly collapse. What I never knew was when I would collapse. But I was not ashamed- my fear for all of your suffering overcame of an embarrassment my sudden fall would cause. All I asked from God was one more day to make a change to my beloved country.

If you call me a fool for giving too much- for sacrificing so much for you and your children, then let it be so. For you I
am ready to be called anything provided I live Zambia a better place than I found it.
And now what I feared has caught up with me I am now gone! I have still not died a happy man for I would have loved to see you happy. There are still areas that require attention.
There is nothing I can do. The only people who can make a change are you who are still alive. What will always be true is that I loved all of you, love one another. Don’t let hatred rule you. Let justice reign in
Zambia. Work hard and make Zambia a better place to live in. make me proud by respecting the rule of law. This is your foundation to your happiness.
My party, don’t use the road which brought Zambia to this turmoil. If you do, you will suddenly fall and never rise again. My family, its sad that I had to go. But always remember that I loved you. Its just that I also had an obligation to you and Zambia. Don’t let those who laugh at you bother you. History and God will one day
Zambia ,my beloved ,nation good bye. I hope you will always remember me as a man who wanted Zambia to forgive it self,
unite and prosper. Goodbye and long live my beloved Zambia. God be with you.

Everlastingly at it,

Mwanawasa P.L.


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