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President Lungu’s development agenda cuts across tribes – KBF

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chitimukulu and lunguPatriotic Front (PF) deputy chairperson for elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube has says President Edgar Lungu’s development agenda has a national color and cuts through tribe and regions. Fube said this in a statement made available to Zamban Eye.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s development agenda has a national colour that cuts through the noise of tribalism and rregionalis,” Fube said.

“President Lungu has continued to visit and launch multi-billion kwacha projects even in areas where he got a dismal number of votes such as the Southern Province and the North-Western Province.The road that leads to the Southern Province tourism capital of Zambia, Livingstone, and cuts through the major towns of the province have been built and completed on the PF wwatc,” Fube explained

“The 1800 megawatt power plant that shall make load shedding history once it is completed in two years’ time is being built on Edgar Lungu’s watch and it is located in Batoka, Southern Province. The 148 megawatt project that shall add another 148 megawatt to the national grid at Maamba in Southern Province is being built on President Edgar Lungu’s watch,” he said

But during a campaign tour in Northern Province, Lungu is alleged to have told a campaign rally that he can only take development to areas and regions which will vote for him


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