President Lungu grilled on Facebook over the death of a health worker

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President Edgar Lungu has come under fire, following the death of a health worker who was involved in an accident while transporting coronavirus samples for lab analysis.

A biomedical student, Ian Mutambo was traveling using public transport, a Power Tool bus which plunged into a river, resulting in his death alongside others.

Meanwhile, in his condolences message, Lungu said he was heartbroken by the loss, adding that the ministry could have prepared necessary logistics for the health workers.

“This is contrary to my government’s commitment to do more for the health workers, as they remain at the forefront in fighting this deadly coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

However, his sentiments attracted tense responses from some concerned citizens. Others called for the sacking of the Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya for failing in his logistics.

One citizen, Chola Billy, said a lot of donations have been given to the government through the ministry of health, saying it is sad that samples still had to be transported using a bus. Billy said such samples should be transported using ministry vehicles.

Another, Christopher Mwale said the incident has exposed the gross negligence on the part of the government, and called the President to take drastic measures against those who could be sleeping on duty.

Ganizani Phiri said the government could have allocated vehicles from other state departments.

Others blamed massive corruption and misplaced priorities on the part of the government, saying a lot of money was splashed on selfish expenditures by those in positions of authority.


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