President Hichilema must take foreign casualties on KCM, he cannot please both sides

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Any deal on KCM that involves Vedanta will be economically immoral. Vedanta failed to run KCM period and returning this vital asset to them will make economic prosperity in the New Dawn Administration tenure an illusion.

Just as the struggle for political independence had casualties, the struggle for economic freedom will have same. If President Hichilema is not willing to take economic casualties, then his Government is not ready to give our people true economic freedom.

President Hichilema and his administration must understand that they cannot charm foreign companies into developing our Country, it is a battle many leaders before him have lost. To please foreign businesses is to remain economically stagnant as a Country.

Zambia cannot develop economically when all the strategic economic sectors are in the hands of foreigners. President Hichilema cannot be a hero to both sides. He must pick a side.

President Hichilema and the his administration must have a local oriented transformative economic plan to turnaround our economy. The President must not pander to foreign interests at the expense of his people’s interests.

It is safe to conclude then that President Hichilema has continued with the same recycled policies of the 90’s that favoured foreigners and brought joblessness and poverty to our people through privatization. Zambian’s must wake up.

GPZ, Our People First

Silavwe Jackson.


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