President HH stops Minister ‘Felix Mutati’ from coming to work

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President Hakainde Hichilema has acknowledged that the new Ministries he has created or changed will require approval of the National Assembly.

This also comes after Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati reported for work and posted that he has began working in his newly created Ministry.

However, Hichilema has insisted that his government will follow the law as he swore to defend, uphold and protect the Constitution.

He has therefore directed that no Minister affected in these new Ministries should report for work or do any duties until the National Assembly completes the approval process.

He has appealed to the Vice-President to ensure that the proposal to ratify ministries was quickly approved by Parliament.

He has also sought cooperation from the National Assembly to ensure that his proposal to create and change the structures of ministries was approved.

Below are the Remarks by President Hakainde Hichilema:

Hakainde Hichilema’s Remarks made During the Swearing-in Ceremony at State House.

“It’s my duty on behalf of millions of Zambians to offer congratulations and for answering the call to serve the people of Zambia.”

“We are mindful and conscious, some are new completely new ministries. I wish to state that there will be a requirement for Parliament to approve those newly created or re-aligned Ministries.”

“In this regard, those appointed in those affected Ministries should recognise that they are subject to the approval of Parliament.”

“The Ministers that have been appointed may not execute duties until Parliament ratify and approve those Ministries.”

“Vice President and Secretary to the Cabinet, please ensure that the process is done quickly.”

“We are not dictating to Parliament but seeking their cooperation.” Mwebantu


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