Prayer for Kaizer Zulu

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Kaizer Zulu

Kaizer Zulu (in green t-shirt) in a tussle with CAF officials

By Nicholas Phiri.

Lord of heaven, please have mercy on Mr. Kaizer Zulu and save his life, only for one reason.

This was and still is my earnest, silent prayer to Jehovah God for the Political Advisor to President Lungu, the great leader of this great nation, following his reported accident on Sunday 8th June 2018.

I will explain why God should preserve the life of Mr. Kaizer Zulu. I know that some my call me a sadist while others will silently whisper “Amen” in their hearts in agreement to the prayer after reading. But I’m a democrat.

You see, the name Kaizer Zulu means many contradicting things among members of the public. To those closer to him, he is an emerging youth leader worth to be supported and celebrated.

In some quarters of the PF, he represents a resilient and royal political risk taker who worked tooth and nail to secure the Presidency of Edgar Lungu in 2015 and 2016 at a time when supporting Lungu was not as lucrative.

Others like Bowman Lusambo believe that Kaizer is a victim of unfriendly media outfits popularly known by the name “cartel” whose agenda is to expose the Presidency to public ridicule and scorn by attacking KZ.

Yet to others, KZ as is fondly called represents everything wrong in the Lungu regime:- political violence, police brutality, closure of the post newspapers and numerous other perceived illegal activities by the regime.

There is a popular theory in public space that KZ is untouchable, not even by the President and the long arm of the law. Those who hold this view argue that President Lungu owns him the Presidency. He knows too much to be removed from his position, so goes the story.

Those vilifying KZ refer to a number of cases and instances he has been involved in. At one time, he is alleged to have assaulted a police officer in full view of the world and the President did nothing about it to this day. This issue oh lord remains unresolved.

Later your son God was arrested for threatening violence against Kavindele Junior and failing to take precaution against injury. This was followed his public display of a fire arm at a night club. The state entered a nolle in the second case while in your name, Kavindele withdrew the first matter. Was justice delivered?

Kaizer is also alleged to have been escorting trucks carrying mukula logs at a time that it was illegal for anyone in the country to do so. We don’t know the truth yet dear Lord.

Dear God, although your son was cleared by the ACC of the 200, 000 USD alleged bribe from Zhang Jian, a Chinese contractor, the court of public opinion is divided on the matter and so to others he is not cleared. Why?

The public display of an opulent lifestyle by your son dear God including expensive wrist watches and fine wine in a country where some of your children have no place to call home has earned your son a bad name and is being looked at with suspicion. He is said to have acquires massive wealth suddenly. This is not good.

Oh Lord, there is a dark cloud of too many serious accusations hanging on the head of your son against your people. Could this be out of jealousy by evil people or there is more to it? We don’t know.

As the Bible says, whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven. By extension, whatever is not cleared on earth is not cleared in heaven.

So Lord, just for this one reason preserve the life of your child KZ in the name of Jesus so that he may be cleared here on earth.

Remember lord this nation is a Christian nation by constitutional declaration. We desire to live by your word although our leaders don’t. In your name I pry- Amen


One Response to Prayer for Kaizer Zulu

  1. True everyone’s life shoul be preserved as life belongs to God the father who is in heaven. Kaizer Zulu dereves to live as a loyal cadres and a Zambian.Zambia is trullya christian nation and we should by all means be praying for his quick recovery.If need be let the Government arrange for medical treatment outside the country if conditions and facilities do not permit locally

    Paul Simbeye
    July 13, 2018 at 2:22 pm

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