Power ‘safe’ for human consumption

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Various laboratory tests carried out on Natural Power SX Energy Drink have confirmed that product is safe for human consumption.

This is according to test results obtained from the Zambia Bureau of Standards, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, the Malawi Bureau of Standards and the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), a public entity which is recognized as the single National Accreditation Body in that country.

The Power High Energy produced by Revin Zambia Limited, a Ndola based company has come under spotlight after a Ugandan national allegedly suffered a six-hour erection after consuming the soft drink.

The complainant reportedly also suffered an abnormal heart beat with constant sweating prompting the Uganda National Drug Authority to issue a red flag on Natural Power SX Energy Drink.

But an analysis of test results from various accreditation authorities in the SADC region have confirmed that contrary to the recent reports, Natural Power SX Energy Drink is safe and the product confirms to quality requirements.

In Malawi, test results carried out on 1st December 2015 showed that Natural Power SX Energy Drink complied with the MS 747 specifications and was subsequently allowed to be imported into that country.

In Uganda, the product was issued with a Certificate of Conformity by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards on 19th August 2018 after it passed all the laboratory tests.

As for Zambia, Natural Power SX Energy Drink was found to be in compliance with ZS 2032012, the Zambian specifications for manufacture of soft drinks and soft drinks concentrates issued by the Zambia Bureau of Standards.

The company has also received huge export orders from Zimbabwe and Mozambique which some company insiders feel could be under threat if the allegations against the company persists.

And information has emerged that the incident in Uganda where a complaint was filed against Natural Power SX Energy Drink could be part of a scheme by business rivals to discredit the company and halt its regional expansion programme.

Some company insiders at Revin Zambia Limited who opted to remain anonymous have revealed in separate interviews that some Zambian business persons who are in similar lines of business have felt threatened by the growth of the company and have been scheming to bring it down.

“This Uganda incident is part of a grand plan to shut us down. We know our enemies have been planning for over three months to close us down and discrediting our most popular product is one of their plans,” the source said.

“What is interesting to note is that this particular product has been around in Zambia for over a year and there has never been any single complaint received, the same could be said about Malawi and even in the Congo DR where the product is very popular. This product is purely herbal and has no harmful side effects,” the company source said.

Further investigations revealed that Revin Zambia Limited has invested around 3.5 million dollars in its operations and employs over 54 full time workers with a major expansion programme lined up between 2020 and 2021.

Another 3.5 million dollars is earmarked to be invested in expanding the plant which will create a further 100 direct jobs with 300 indirect jobs by 2021.

Revin Zambia Limited also produces other similar products such as Fruit Juices and Tangawizi.


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