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Poultry farmer loses 1,500 birds to load shedding

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A Lusaka – based poultry farmer is at pains trying to accept losing 1,500 chickens as a result of load shedding.

Tapiwaso Nkunku and Supplies LTD owner Serah Tapiwaso says she has lost a total of K182,000 in expected revenue.

Ask Muvi TV reports that she said the incident happened last week when she had taken the birds in a cold room which experienced a prolonged power outage.

“My client wanted the chickens delivered de- borned so I had to take them to the cold room waiting for the de-born process. They were kept in there for two days only but due to load shedding, we found them rotten”.

The frustrated business woman said the loss was too much to accept.

She said the lost revenue was to pay back farmers that supplied her with the birds.

“My K182,000 is gone just like that and I am supposed to pay my farmers that supplied me these chickens but where do I get the money now,” she complained.


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