Polls underway in 16 ward by-elections

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Voters in Sinda’s Chiwuyu ward (Courtesy of ECZ)

Voters are currently casting their ballots in local government by-elections in 16 wards dotted across the country.

In Sinda’s Chiwuyu ward, voting is underway and there is a good turnout of voters.

However, there was an incident where a voter was disenfranchised for presenting a wornout voter’s card that was missing other details. This happened at Michembo Roman Catholic polling station where a son went to ask on behalf of a father if he could vote.
Chiwuyu ward has four polling districts, six streams and a total of 3, 643 registered voters.

And in the Northwestern Province District of Mwinilunga, polls at Mudyanyama polling station in Mudyanyama ward opened at 06:00 hours. As at 07:30 hours, 120 people had voted.

At Matonchi Primary School polling station, the voter turnout is good so far where there are 691 registered voters. Mudyanyama ward has five polling districts, six streams and a total of 3,656 registered voters

Polls are also on in Nampundwe Ward in Mwembezhi Constituency in Shibuyunji District, with Chiyaba polling station recording good voter turnout.

And in Lealui Lower ward in Mongu Central Constituency, voters queued up to vote in the local government by elections. at Lealui Basic School polling station.

According to the ECZ, by 10:42 hours about 313 voters had cast their votes. The polling station opened at 06:04hrs. The voter turnout is good so far where there are 924 registered voters at Lealui Basic School. Lealui Lower ward has four (4) polling districts, four (4) streams and a total of 3, 072 registered voters.

And voting is underway in Munwa ward at Munwa Primary School in Mwense District in Luapula Province. There are are 288 registered voters at Munwa Primary school. There are three polling districts in Munwa ward with a total of 1,916 voters. There are more female voters than male voters in Munwa ward. There are 982 female voters and 934 male voters.

Voting in all by-elections is expected to close at 18:00 hours this evening.


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