Politics of insults are shameful and archaic – Msoni

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All people’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni says politics of insults and abusive name calling are shameful and archaic and can be best described as moral redundancy and political bankruptcy.
The opposition leader was apparently responding to PF media director Sunday Chanda who has in recent times aimed a series of venomous attacks on some members of the opposition.

In a statement, Msoni notes that there is a lot of political insults and attacks of late, adding that what is more appalling is that the insults were coming from the party in government.

“It is even more appalling for a party that is in government to sink so low as to engage opponents in unprovoked vitriolic attacks as witnessed in the past few days. Needless for us to stress that it is this low political level of engagement that speaks to the current devastating poor state of affairs in the nation. Democratic principles and values  are at variance with the culture of wilful abuse  of opponents,” he said.

“The culture of individuals personalising public space and politics is what essentially leads individuals to feel and believe that they hold the monopoly of knowledge and wisdom. It is possible to disagree to agree on a point of principle without abusing a colleague.”

He has since appealed to political parties to resist the temptation of resorting to abusing political friends.

“We counsel errant colleagues to resist the temptation of resorting to abusing political colleagues in the name of politics in order to please our political principals. Politics is dynamic, and therefore there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies but permanent interests,” Msoni said.


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  1. Chanda, is very shameful and without reasoning just to please Lungu the chief editor. Mwenye akaya one day. They exhibit behaviour of opposition meanwhile in power. Thinking capacity lacks in these idiots. No wonder they blame everything on on opposition as if the opposition is in control.
    There is need

    January 4, 2019 at 8:20 pm

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