Politics: Is this where the honeycomb is?

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By Bill Kapinga

Bees are very interesting creatures………….very interesting indeed. Once they sense that there’s honey in the neighbourhood, you will see them flocking there in rapid succession. Try to get in their way; you won’t realize what has hit you. They will viciously sting you on every ounce of your body until you probably drop dead! The behavior of bees is very synonymous with that of cadres or politicians. But what are these creatures called cadres or politicians? Whereas cadres are a tightly knit group of zealots advancing interests of a particular party, politicians are individuals who are active in party politics or holding or indeed seeking office in government. In this article, we try to interrogate the motive……..nay ulterior motives of certain individuals joining politics.

Lately, we’ve labored to examine the conduct of party cadres, particularly those from the ruling party, in relation to bees. Conclusion? There isn’t much of a difference! Only that the cadres would behave worse than bees – maim or kill once they feel that they’ll soon be deprived of honey! Take the spate of violence that has rocked our beloved country for instance, prompting the Church to step-in and pray for cease fire! Lest we forget, we can catalogue a litany of spine-chilling felonies committed by party cadres in the recent past.

Wasn’t it at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport that cadres invaded the apron forcing a plane to land in the bush simply because a competent rival was coming to town? Wasn’t a lady stripped naked in Lusaka for the simple reason that she was clad in opposition party regalia? Wasn’t a youth battered and smeared with paint in the capital for being in party attire? Wasn’t an opposition party stalwart gruesomely murdered in one of the Township’s in Lusaka? How many times have we heard or read of cadres laying their blood-stained hands on pangas to slice-off ears or indeed maim their perceived opponents? It all points to one thing; in defense of honey!

May we now digress and take a look at the actual politicians themselves. Each time a person decides to join politics, the best excuse they would give is, “I’ve decided to join politics in order to serve my country……..” Heap of rubbish; is it only by joining politics that you can serve the country better? And these are individuals running away in droves from their illustrious careers as lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, chattered accountants, journalists etc. Pay a visit to any of our hospitals, industries, research centers, courts or even universities today; they’ve all been robbed of the best brains! These are individuals who seem to know where the honeycomb is.

Prior to joining politics, they are practically paupers! You would see them walking in flip-flops, putting on Salaula, dwelling in shanty compounds and emitting ichushi (smoke from firewood)! And once they ascend to important offices as councilors, members of parliament, ministers or even as Presidents; it is boom – they would’ve graduated from rags to riches, instantly! In no time, they’ll be reeking of breathtaking fragrances, driving state of the art SUVs, living in Victorian mansions in gated neighbourhoods and donning designer outfits from the fashion capitals of the world – London, Paris, New York!

Of course we are not insinuating that professionals shouldn’t venture into politics at all; this is their birthright. However we are suggesting and still insisting that politics shouldn’t be seen as this industry where lazy individuals with no track record at all or indeed struggling businessmen desperate to grow their businesses, can easily make a quick kill! In our next offering, we ask; is socialism sexy enough to excite the electorate? As always, we appreciate your feedback.


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