Political situation in Zambia is toxic – Archbishop

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Archbishop Mpundu

Renowned Roman Catholic Church Priest Archbishop Mpundu has observed that the political situation in Zambia is bad describing it as toxic, reports Mercy Banda for Zambian Eye.

Archbishop Mpundu explains that the county is divided and that the situation does not guarantee a peaceful election in 2021. He says the situation can degenerate into chaos and need urgent attention.

The retired former Lusaka Archbishop explained that there is need to get back to the drawing board and reengage the three Church Mother Bodies to call for a dialogue.

Archbishop Mpundu who was one of the leaders engaged to spearhead the dialogue explained that despite President Lungu giving them the mandate, he failed to speak out when his members came out to discredit them and instead opted to setup the National Democratic Forum (NDF).

He explains how the PF and its supporters ensured that the Commonwealth which begun the dialogue talks were frustrated opting for the Church which later was also discarded.

Archbishop Mpundu explains that the Church had a track record of presiding on such talks citing 1990 dialogue between then ruling party UNIP of Kenneth Kaunda and Frederick Chiluba’s MMD. He says these talks were tense that MMD had threatened to go fight from the bush but the Church successfully engaged both parties such that Dr Kaunda had to cut short his term calling for elections in 1991. He however described the political tension in the county now worse than in 1990.

The former Lusaka Roman Catholic Church Archbishop cities the constitution amendments in the famous Bill 10 by NDF as a recipe for creating a monster President. He says the Bill among other things seeks to give more powers to an already powerful President.

Archbishop Mpundu explains that if Bill 10 went through, the President will have powers to hire and fire the Judges, a situation that will compromise the Judiciary.

He says there is need to strengthen the governance institutions to create checks and balances. He wondered where people would seek redress if the Judiciary is compromised.

He says Bill 10 is a bad peace of legislation which should not be passed into law regardless of who the President is. He said it was not about which individual was President but protecting democracy.

Archbishop Mpundu explains that he and the Church have not given up and remain ready to help the county when called upon.

He says Government and the ruling PF were part of the problem in the political tension and called on them to be part of the solution.

Archbishop Mpundu rubbished those saying he was vying or interested for a political office. He says he will never seek for political office but will continue speaking for the voiceless.

He also announced that the church will participate in the 2021 election by deploying monitors through out the county to prevent rigging.

The Archbishop says the interest of the Church is to it that the results of an election must depict the will of the Voters.

Archbishop Mpundu was speaking when he was hosted on a Prime Television program on Monday night dubbed Oxygen of Democracy.


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