Political party leaders urge youths to stop fighting each other

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Antonio Mwanza

Political party leaders have called on youths not to relent in their fight for political space in the country.

And the leaders have told young people to ensure that they use the tools at their disposal to fight for political space.

Speaking during a ” Mother-Party Activity” organised by the Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA) meant to meet the CEOs of political parties who had sent youths for training by the Green Forum, Patrick Mucheleka, who was representing UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka, said young people should put aside their political party affiliation if they are to push for high representation in the governance of the country.

He said the people in leadership will not give them leadership positions without a fight hence the need for young people to work together if they are to achieve the goal of being involved in decision making process.

He urged youths to stop fighting each other in defence of their leaders but instead work together.

“Young people should be the beacons of hope. I have known how young Antonio Mwanza has been struggling working very had trying to break into parliament but it has been very difficult for him because of the power structures. He goes into Munali who are the first people to stop him?  It’s the youths and that is the case in all the political parties.

“When I talk about youths making it, not unless and until you begin to work together and claim that space in political parties because nothing is going to be given to you on a silver plate,” he said.

And FDD deputy national secretary Antonio Mwanza told youths to stop giving excuses and work towards improving their welfare by using the tools at their disposal.

He said the young people of this generation had more tools to use as compared to the people who fought for independence.

He said the excuse of being broke was a non-starter, saying Barack Obama became President of America without having money.

He said the current leaders will not hand over power without a fight and urged the youths to emulate the people who sacrificed their well-being to ensure that the country attained independence.

“Young people today have no excuse because you have a lot of tools at their disposal. You have phones, social media and many other things which our fore fathers did not have when they fought for independence. The excuse of not having money is a non-starter because we name a few world leaders who run campaigns successfully without money but had ideas. Educated young people have left politics to lumpens who use muscle to push those of us who are in politics around,” Mwanza said.

“We need to wake up and realise that no one is going to give us power for free, President Nawakwi is not going anywhere, HH is not going anywhere and President Lungu eve akanilatu aimilila mu 2021!”

And MMD Die Hard Youth National Coordinator Gerald Chiluba who was one of the youths trained in the PYPA program encouraged fellow youths to be strong and sacrifice a bit so as to improve their participation in decision making processes.

He said there is no gain without pain hence the need for youths to be ready to face the challenges that lie ahead without fear because with fear nothing will be achieved.

Over 40 youths from political parties in Zambia and Malawi recently graduated from a mentorship training which was sponsored by the Swedish government Green Forum.

The “Mother Party Activity” was attended by political party leaders from PF, UPND, MMD, UNIP, ADD and FDD among other political parties.



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