Political party bill must be refined to ensure internal free and fair elections – Chipenzi

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Chipenzi MacDonald

Electoral Expert MacDonald Chipenzi has called for refining of the political parties bill and enactment to ensure they conduct free and fair elections.

In it’s currently state, Chipenzi says the Act which is yet to be enacted into law is not specific.

He said this in a statement below on Sunday to the media:

There is need for us to raise our voices in demanding for the enactment of the political parties bill into law to operationalise Act 60 of the Republican Constitution.

Act. 60(2)(d) guides that “a political party shall promote and practice democracy through regular, free and fair elections within the party”.

In this form of this provision, how do you define “regular”, “free and free” elections if not well prescribed and explained in an Act?

Most of these intraparty elections are not even observed by any external monitoring groups and are conducted by same party members who may have vested interests.

How do u measure freeness and fairness in this case?

No wonder an Act is a must to clarify these terms and guide political parties and advocacy groups.

Does regular election means every five years or 3 years for a party to hold an election and when does that regular start?

Would intraparty elections be conducted by ECZ or other bodies to guarantee freeness and fairness?

All these unclarities would need an Act of Parliament to be resolved as the constitution is just giving a broader principle.


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