Policeman shoots several people, is out on the loose

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A policeman has reportedly shot several people in Mtendere township in Lusaka this morning and is now on the loose.

According to the Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, the identified policeman opened fire at several people and he is now believed to be around the Chainama Golf Course.

Sampa warned Lusaka residents to be on the lookout, as he is still armed and dangerous.

“My Councillor of Mtendere Hon Watson Mtonga has informed me that there is a lone policeman that has shot several people indiscriminately in Mtendere area and now believed to be on the run inside Chainama Golf club,” Sampa said in statement addressed to Lusaka residents.

He also advised residents to stay safe and always be careful until the culprit is arrested.

“Please stay clear and safe around that area. The Police are pursuing him and I trust they will apprehend him soonest,” he said.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31