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Police sorrounds PF secretariat

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Police in Lusaka have surrounded the Headquarters of the Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) ahead of a takeover.

Some Armed Police officers were seen this afternoon at the party”s Secretariat which is located at the corner of Panganani and Lumumba roads.

Brian Mundubile who is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament has confirmed the development.

Last week , expelled PF Member, Miles Sampa held an illegal convention where he was declared as PF President.

The Sampa camp announced they will takeover the Secretarit tomorrow, Monday and asked for police protection.

Yesterday during late President Sata’s Memorial Service, PF Substantive President Dr. Edgar Lungu announced his return to politics and swore not to allow the PF to get destroyed by chancers and those sponsored by the government to annihilate the establishment.

Today, police have surrounded the PF Secretariat in what appears to be an attempt to prepare for Sampa to move in..


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