Police officer threatens to kill his fellow officers after refusing to lock-up his girlfriend

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A Police Officer at Luangwa District police station ran amok threatening to kill two other officers after they refused to detain his girlfriend who went to lodge a complaint against him.

Inspector, Clement Sibalwa of Luangwa police on Thursday last week run amok after he grabbed an AK47 r…iffle from a fellow officer and fired one shot in the air.

Inspector Sibalwa wanted to shot Chief Inspector Mbande and the Criminal Investigating Officer-CIO, Inspector Chisenga who refused to detain his girlfriend.

Inspector Mbande told Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba who rushed to the police station that Inspector Sibalwa threatened to shot him and the CIO for refusing to detain his friend who went to lodge a complaint for being physically abused by Sibalwa.

Chief Inspector, Mbande said that Sibalwa held the police station at ransom for almost two hours after he fired a shot in the air and police officers on duty ran for cover.

He said Sibalwa was letter apprehended by fellow police officers at Feira Council bar where he went with the gun in readiness to shot his girlfriend who works in a bar as sales lady.

And Luangwa Police Officer in- Charge, Charles Saimba confirmed the incidence to the District Commissioner adding that Sibalwa was in police custody and that he would be handed over to the Command in Lusaka for action.

Meanwhiel, Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba expressed sadness and concern at the incident saying it was unfortunate that a police officer could behave in such a manner.

Mr Mumba said police officers were defenders of peace and order and if they behaved in such a manner that is threatening with guns then civilians were in much danger.

He appealed to the Police Command in Lusaka not to be sending condemned officers to Luangwa as the District was a bit sensitive considering that it borders two countries, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.



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