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Police officer becomes hero after arresting truck operator

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Local Chingola police officer becomes hero after arresting former Mineral link dump truck operator innocent Kafwanda.

Kafwanda aged 26 with the help of corrupt mine police and security did steal more than two dump truck loads of copper concentrate from Konkola copper mines Nchanga smelter on dates between October 12-13, 2022.

Kafwanda has been on the run for more than four months but was apprehended by a local Chingola police officer near the solwezi Congo border after he had began to run out of money.

Kafwanda who was arrested last week was transported to Lusaka for safe keeping in fear of the local infamous criminals known as jerabos now hiding under the title of “small scale miners” and local High ranking officers who are on the pay roll of these criminals.

Kafwanda is now under police custody as plans by jerabos to have him killed where on as the relentless search had continued.

KCM is a National asset and benefits Zambians at large and it is the duty of every Zambian citizen to ensure that it’s assets are protected against such criminal activity.

The mine is being stripped daily in enormous amounts of fuel,scrap ore reserves and will remain a shell if measures are not put in place quickly.

However, citizens of Chingola urge the President and the inspector general of police to crack down on these criminals as they are stripping a nation asset for personal gain.


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