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Police fire teargas canisters at UPND offices in Luanshya

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Teargas in Luanshya. 1Police on Wednesday fired teargas canisters at the UPND meetings addressed by the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Luanshya on the Copperbelt province.

Below is Hichilema’s statement on the event:

Teargas in LuanshyaWe finally negotiated our way through police barricades to our party offices in Luanshya where our members and others that wanted to formally join us were waiting for us.

What we witnessed in terms of brutality under PF government left us speechless as the police started firing teargas canisters at our indoor party meetings at our offices.

HH addressing Luanshya residents

HH addressing Luanshya residents

This goes to the young generations that you have a huge responsibility next year to make your decisions on the future of this country.

We have very clear policies on revamping this economy now and for future generations but others have very clear policies on brutality and limiting citizens freedoms purely for political preservation by wanting to win elections at all costs.

We have all the documentation on having notified the police about our visit and meetings on the Copperbelt but they were all either cancelled or denied.

This is not about HH, GBM, Canisius Banda, Stephen Katuka or any of the UPND leaders.

It’s not even about PF, MMD, Rainbow, FDD or any political party interests. It’s about reclaiming our freedoms again as proud citizens of Zambia that can focus more on economic growth, job creation, etc than petty interests that divide our country.

Our hearts and prayers are with our children, mothers, youths, men and women on the Copperbelt who have been injured with some arrested but braved live ammunition on the commands of those in comfort zones enjoying our money as tax payers but cannot offer solutions to our plight.

This is the price we have to pay and we stand with the majority Zambians suffering.


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