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Police fire teargas at thousands of Choma Residents waiting for HH

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FB_IMG_1453881077808Police in riot gear fired teargas canisters at thousands of Choma residents who had peacefully lined up the streets to welcome UPND president Hakainde Hichilema


The situation got bad as the people retaliated and started fighting back, our Correspondent in Choma says.


Two Police officers were badly beaten by youths.


A youth snatched a tear gass canister and threw it into a police vehicle prompting the officers to run in all directions for safety. It was at this moment that the youths pounced on the panicking men in uniform and administered instant mob justice.


Some cars including one for the police were intensively damaged in the process.


The Lusaka, Livingstone road between Golf Club and Choma Museum was temporary blocked with stones,huge logs intended to block Police vechiles not to come out of the station to man the road.


By 19 hours the residents were still waiting for the arrival of HH who made stopovers in Mazabuka, Monze and Chisekesi.


HH who is accompanied by his two Vice presidents – Canisus Banda and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba will be meeting all aspiring candidates from the Southern province tomorrow.


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