Police fails to block Kambwili, Andyford Banda to join HH

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Kambwili at Ndola Police station

The Police at Ndola central Police tried in vain to stop NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili and People’s Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda from joining UPND President Hakainde Hichilema in the interrogation room claiming that they only needed a limited number.

Upon arrival at central Police,the officers said they have instructions that only the President,his vice and lawyers should be allowed inside while Dr Kambwili should remain outside.

“Only ba GBM and the boss as well as the lawyers should be allowed inside while Mr Kambwili should remain outside.These are the orders and am in Charge here,”he said.

Efforts by Jack Mwiimbu to convince the officers to allow Dr Kambwili and Mr Banda entrance proved futile as the officer stood his ground prompting the NDC consultant to describe him as a robot who can’t reason on his own without instructions.

But the UPND escorting party stood their ground that all the opposition leaders be allowed inside otherwise no-one goes in.

This prompted President Hichilema to step out of the vehicle and told a senior officer identified as Mututwa whom he spoke to in Lozi to allow the two opposition leaders who have accompanied him.

“Bo Mututwa listen.These two cannot remain outside.As opposition we support each other and my colleagues are here to support me.They are citizens of this country and should be allowed inside.What law are you using to bar them.Allow them in.Ba Kambwili and Ba Banda, let’s go in,”President Hichilema told Mututwa.

At this point,Mututwa who seemingly overruled the earlier instruction demanded to know how many should be allowed to which counsel Mwiimbu advised that 8.

A horde of journalists that had equally been blocked sneaked themselves into the police premise.

The 8 had by press time been ushered into the interrogation room.

President Hichilema is being represented by counsels Jack Mwiimbu,Keith Mweemba,Gilbert Phiri and Mulilo Kabesha.

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  1. other countries are calling Zambia to be a Christian nation where there’s no Peace but it’s one Zambia one nation I can’t believe this, I cry for peace.

    November 20, 2018 at 9:59 pm

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