Police block NDC celebrations

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Police in Luanshya has reportedly stopped the opposition NDC and its supporters from celebrating the party’s stunning victory in the just-ended Roan parliamentary by-election.

On the other hand, police in Luapula Province allowed the ruling PF to conduct a celebratory procession in Mansa town after winning the Bahati parliamentary seat and Chilyapa Ward by-elections.

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Posted by Smart Eagles on Friday, April 12, 2019
The PF celebratory procession in Mansa

NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili revealed in a statement that police blocked the celebrations and arrested 80 NDC youths.

Below is a statement released by the NDC media department:

As per custom whenever a political party wins an elections. It’s expected to conduct celebrations and thanksgiving roadshows . But the police have restricted all NDC celebrations because they have no permit to do so.

But Dr chishimba kambwili whose NDC political consultant has described the decision to be unjustifiable.

Dr kambwili Has thanked the people of Roan constituency for the confidence they shown our candidate, the NDC and to in our alliance partners mostly the UPND and further said this victory isn’t about Chishimba kambwili it’s not about the NDC ,it’s not UPND but it’s about the message that this victory has sent to the whole country and the message is very simple that time for thieves to be using the poverty of the people to buy votes during the elections Has come to an end.

There no way the president and his people can continue perpetuating corruption continue stealing from the poor people and then use the same money to come to pay them to buy milli meal buy “vitenges’ , buyscles etc.

The people of Roan have spoken for and on behalf of the Sixteen million people of Zambia that the revolution has started.

Dr Kambwili also appealed to the real patriotic front members who are still in PF to come and join hands with NDC in the revolution which they have started so they can bring hope to the people of Zambia, to provide jobs for the people of Zambia, to run a proper economy for the people of Zambia and to bring industries and manufacturing base to Zambia.

Dr Kambwili also expressed dissapointment that when President Edgar Lungu came for campaigns instead of him warning his ministers against dishing out money to the voters he seemed to have been encouraging them.

Dr Kambwili also challenged President Edgar Lungu to tell the nation were Dr Kambwili has sold the 3000 hectors of land in Maposa, as President Edgar Lungu being the commander in chief, if at all Dr Chishimba Kambwili sold any land by now he would have been arrested.

Dr Kambwili has also asked DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe to tendor in his resignation for having been on the centre of corruption activities as seen in the resent activities were trucks of mealie meal were sent to Roan constituency to be distributed to the people of Roan in the pretence of being relief food.

Kambwili also sent a strong warning to current ministers inganged in corruption that come 2021 90% of the ministers risks going to prison.

Issued by: NDC Media Team


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