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Police attempt to search UPND lawyer’s offices hits snug

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Police Officers this evening hit a snug after they attempted to search the office of UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe.

The Police arrived at Mushipe’s office after 5pm and surrunded the place demanding to have access to search for a document they could not give details about.

Lawyers representing Mushipe however denied the police leeway to carry out their search in the absence of Mushipe.

One of lawyers says the police wanted to have access to the files and computer of Mushipe who was not present.

By press time (8pm) the police officers were still at Mushipe’s offices situated at Millennium Village behind Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.

Ephraim fbSources within the police have told Zambian Eye that the officers are looking for a document PF Cadre Ephraim Shakafuswa claimss he and named UPND members signed on oath at Mushipe’s office to cause chaos in Zambia.

Shakafuswa who was until a fortnight ago a UPND Member wrote to the Inspector of Police revealing that he and the named persons belonged to the organisation that was formed for the purposes of causing choas in Zambia.



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