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POA: Garry Nkombo applies for police permit ‘to go to the market’

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Garry Nkombo

Garry Nkombo

Mazabuka UPND Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo has applied for a police permit to buy vegetables.

This follows the summoning of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema by police for allegedly breaching the Public Order Act (POA). This was after he visited shops and homes in different parts of Lusaka this week.

In his application addressed to Northmead Police Station, Nkombo explained that he wanted to buy vegetables at the market but feared that people may recognise him and want to speak to him thereby causing public disorder.

“I am a public figure and I want to get permission to buy vegetables at the market as people want to speak to me every time I go to public places,” the fiery parliamentarian wrote.11139440_952458021471615_8219783949247825646_n

Meanwhile, former Commerce Minister Dipak Patel has also applied for a police permit to allow him freely move around the country and mingle with people as a recognisable public figure.

Patel, who was also campaign manager for Hichilema in the January 20th Presidential by-election, took his letter to Lusaka’s Kabulonga Police Post around midday today.

Commenting after applying for the permit, Patel encouraged all current and former Members of Parliament and Ministers, formers Presidents, First Ladies and all other public figures like musicians and artists to ensure that they apply for police permits in order for them to meet, greet, talk and mingle with people within the boundaries of Republic of Zambia, especially if they attract crowds as a requirement under the PF/Zambia Police regime.11148216_952445431472874_138756168852651521_n


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