Pilato explains his apology, pledge to work with Lungu

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Pilato when he joined PF

Contraversial Musician Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato has explained why he decided to apologise to President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

Pilato who has been critical of the ruling party and President Lungu today, Monday announced at the party’s Secretariat that he had decided to create peace and work with the government.


He wrote:




Can one be a fisherman but does not go to the river?


Can one a be a pilot and be scared of the heights?


Well today i did without any reservation apologised to the PF and the Republican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the first family. I apologised because it is necessary for me and those i claim to speak for.

I am not a politician but an artist and i will continue to be so. I speak for the voiceless but one would ask to who do i speak to?  When i talk about the problems of the people of mufulra to who will i speak to?


Well today i did seek peace with the party in power and the Republican President so that tomorrow i will not be a pilot who is scared of the heights? I want to go to the president’s office and present these problems directly because i cant be a fisherman who doesnt go to the river.


What does this apology mean?


Somewhere last year i visited a family that had lost a child in Luanshya and as i sat there i watched the mother cry as she narrated what led to the death of her son. She said Ba Pilato mukatuladileko. For over 12 months now i ask myself HOW WILL I SPEAK on behalf of this humble family and to who?


A few days ago i received a call from our orphanage and was told that the school opens this monday and all the teachers have left for greener pastures…. I have spent sleepless nights asking myself TO WHO SHALL I TALK TO about these innocent children.


Last year i started a feeding program for the street kids and for months now i have not consistently bought them food. I drove past 2 weeks ago and so these poor kids in the rain… I keep asking myself, how can i help these innocent lives?


Yesterday i did go through my inbox and half of the people inboxing me are students asking for me to communicate their grievances. Others are those that passed to go to universities and colleges but have no funds to pay… I still wondered how can i help the so many youths looking for answers.

I realised that i needed another way communicate these calls. My apology is not political but developmental. My apology means laying off my ego and seek for sustainable solutions for the underprivileged and the poor of our people. I realised that communicating to the president and the government in the fashion that i did instead distanced me from the very people that i was seeking solutions from.


With this apology i will now have the confidence to approach the authorities and cry to them on behalf of my people.


From this day i will be ready and willing to support the government in any possible way to deliver development to every Zambian.


Fumba Chama



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