PF’s pro-poor ideology died with Sata – Chaile

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PF stopped existing the time Sata died and all those pro-poor ideologies went with him, according to Radical revolutionary Party leader Vincent Chaile.

Commenting on the newly-introduced tax on internet phone calls, Chaile says the move clearly shows that the MMD, with its capitalist ideas, is now fully in charge of government with a sole view of profit maximization.

“The Dora Siliya and the Mutati government are here to stay and exploit the poor Zambian. They are here to milk a goat and feed the bull,” Chaile said in a statement.

Minister of information Dora Siliya has struggled to explain the rationale behind the tax on internet calls amid a barrage of criticism from members of the public.

Siliya has claimed in a series of tweets that the move is aimed at protecting “Zambian jobs” in telecommunications companies such as Zamtel, Airtel and MTN and raising money to invest in telecommunications infrastructure.

But Chaile is not buying any of Siliya’s explanations, arguing, “It is silly for the govt spokesperson to assume that govt has been losing $22m on internet calls as if Zambian have been accessing free bundles and internet from Airtel or MTN.

“If it’s true govt has lost $22m dollars then let govt question ZRA for failure to collect taxes from the service provider.

“As far as we are concerned Zambians have been buying bundle with taxes included.”


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