PF’s KBF moves a motion to impeach Linda Kasonde’s LAZ Council

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Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has moved a motion of no confidence in the current Law Association of Zambia Council led by Linda Kasonde.
And Mr Fube has accused the current association of attempting to rig the outcome of the Extraordinary General Meeting by setting the start time at 08:00 Hours.
The motion to impeach the LAZ Council will be tabled at the Association’s Extraordinary General Meeting on Saturday at the Radisson Blu Hotel.
Mr Fube who is also a prominent member of the ruling PF said the current LAZ Council should be removed because it has allegedly failed to run the association.
Speaking when he featured on Thursday’s edition of the Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM, Mr Fube accused the Council of mal administration and eroding the people’s confidence in LAZ because of their immaturity in the running of association.
He said the current LAZ has failed to remain neutral on key national issues and has adopted a dangerous path in running the association.
“We as LAZ are advisers and thus LAZ must be neutral. At this stage, Government doesn’t want to have anything to do with LAZ and we are useless without Government. The Association must have a cordial relationship with the Government, off course that does not mean that we should be bootlickers,” he said.
Mr Fube cited a number of issues which he said the Council showed a lot of bias in handling such as the election petition case and the referendum vote.
“Last year during the petition, the Constitutional Court threw out the case because the 14 days period had run out. The LAZ Council was quick to issue a statement that the UPND must have been heard and by doing that, they were basically issuing a challenge to the Judiciary,” he said.
He added, “On the issue of the referendum, without consulting the members, LAZ took a stand that we should vote No. Looking at the divisive nature of the referendum debate, I think we should have maintained neutrality as LAZ.”
“Our history as LAZ is that when a question of a legal nature arises that divides the nation, LAZ calls for an EGM. That has been our history. So that the Executive gets its mandate before it speaks but this Council never consulted its membership before making some of the wrong decisions it has made,” he said.
“How do you explain the streaming Live of the UPND press conference via the LAZ Facebook page, who does that? I am a member of LAZ and I don’t accept that and don’t tell me because I am politician then I shouldn’t speak. We should maintain our neutrality as an association.”
He continued, “HH outside court, he calls the Judges Judas Iscariots and he says these are people not worth the gowns and wigs they wear and we keep quiet, every Judge is a Lawyer by training and if they are going to be insulted and we keep quiet, we say that is wrong. Take the case of the Post Newspaper, they were found liable by the Supreme Court, the Council took a certain position without consulting their members and they said they were fighting for constitutional rights for Fred M’membe. What constitutional rights and you have been found guilty? You can never benefit from an illegality and if some people were sleeping when they were teaching that principle of law, then I am sorry.”
Mr Fube added, “The President of LAZ swore an affidavit attempting to join the Association to the Post Newspapers proceedings alleging that the Judge Sunday Nkonde was biased and compromised, with no evidence, who speaks like that? Who are you representing? Again insulting the Judiciary.
And Mr Fube has warned that if the association fails to move the motion to remove Ms Kasonde’s executive, politicians will proceed with tabling the Law Societies Bill which will dismantle LAZ.
“When we saw the Societies Bill to dismantle the Association, we said we can’t dismantle LAZ, we said we need to remain united. The politicians will move and dismantle LAZ if we don’t fix this house ourselves. So we went an engaged the politicians and they are keenly watching what is happening.”
Mr Fube said the Linda Kasonde LAZ Council is not indispensable.
“We have men and women to lead LAZ. If we don’t remove Linda, the politicians are saying they will dismantle LAZ into fragments.
Mr Fube has since ruled himself out of contention for a position if the motion of no confidence passes.
“Personally I have had no interest in running for a position in LAZ and I am not wanting to hold one. There is no A Team or B Team.”
He also alleged that the executive is failing to run the association because of lack of maturity.
“The respect of the association is being eroded because of mal administration and immaturity in the running of things. When this issue of the vote of no confidence started, the executive decided to call for what they called Town Hall meetings, at the Lusaka meeting, I raised a preliminary issue and t told them that I have been in the association for 30 years and I have heard of a LAZ Town Hall meetings, as Lawyers we go for EGMs if there is a pressing issue and I walked out of that meeting because I didn’t want to be part of an illegality,” he said.
“They take the same meeting to Ndola, they use our money to have social gathering and resolve nothing? They fly to Ndola, the entire Council flies to Ndola and holds another meeting at the Protea Hotel, to do what?”
He said the problem with the current executive is that they are excited and think they know it all.
“This is the problem when you give leadership to young and excited people who think they know it all.”
Meanwhile, Mr Fube has accused the current association of attempting to rig the outcome of the Extraordinary General Meeting by setting the start time at 08 Hours.
“These are the tricks of the trade. Linda and her team are fighting for their lives, coming up with tricks to ensure that the motion flops.”
He said, “the rules say If at all the movers of the motion are not seated with at least 50 members within five minutes of the meeting being called to order, the motion fails.
So the question is why put a meeting to start at 08:00 Hours? There is a marathon going on in the city on Saturday and roads will be closed. There are some of our members travelling from everywhere, how are they going to get to Lusaka by 08 Hours? Why don’t you move to the meeting to start at 10 or 11 Hours?”
He added, “What are they rushing for? They are scared, they can hear the drums, they can hear the footsteps, let them defeat the motion, I would have said to you then we become fragmented, I told you. Now they are not allowing voting by proxies, Linda herself won her presidency through proxies but why block proxies this time around?”


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