PF youths endorse proposed law to limit attempts at presidential elections

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Kennedy Kamba

PF Youths have for the first time commented on the proposed motion to limit the number of times an individual can attempt presidential elections saying the law is progressive as regards the development of the country’s democracy.

The motion which was started by Prince Ndoyi a youth from the MMD has seen a number of stakeholders support the need to refine the constitution and limit the number of times individuals should attempt presidential elections so as to allow intra party democracy to flourish in political parties.

The youths from the ruling party through their Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba said they welcome and fully support the motion to ban anyone who has lost three presidential elections from contesting as presidential candidate in national elections.

Kamba said the motion should quickly be tabled in parliament as the measure will encourage democracy and create room for other people within political parties to offer themselves for political office.

“As youths, we totally disagree with the tendency of some opposition leaders who have turned their political parties as their personal to holder tuntemba by holding on to power and refusing to allow other people within the parties to also run for public office.

“Democracy is about competition and term limits. We should never allow wamuyaya behaviour in our politics because that is not democracy but dictatorship.

“Article 60 of the Republican Constitution clearly states that all political parties must hold regular conventions to ensure intra – party democracy hence all political parties that do not hold conventions must be deregistered,” he said.

And the initiator of the motion Prince Ndoyi has welcomed the move by the young people in the ruling party but that it should not be use as retribution towards against opponents.

In an interview, Ndoyi said he started the debate to advance the democracy and enlarge the democratic space in the interest of the nation and not to fight individuals.

“As young people we welcome the move by Patriotic Front to endorse our proposal. And only those who are anti democracy can fight our proposal.

“In the same vein we want to say, as a young person I started this issue before the impeachment motion was even discussed by those who have taken it to parliament, so people should not jump on this noble debate as a form of retribution against their opponents. This law must be used to advance our democracy and enlarge the democratic space in the interest of the nation and not to fight individuals,” he said.

He added “And it doesn’t matter who is for or against, what we expect from people is to give pros and cons. And we are going ahead to petition parliament, whether some have attacked us for this proposal.”

Among the stakeholders to have backed the debate on the limitation of individuals perpetually contesting elections is the NGOCC who said the trend inhibits the development of democracy in the country.

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale said the motion would increase political space for the marginalised in the country especially young people and women.

Meanwhile SACORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe called on political stakeholders to allow debate on the motion so as to ensure that people can make informed decision on the topic without intimidation from those involved.

“What we want to appeal as SACCORD is that in a democracy were debate is concerned it is important that our leaders avoid using violent communication as we engage in debate. It is important our leaders avoid engaging in character assassination as we debate. What is paramount is that the merits and demerits of the motion be discussed in a constructive manner that allows for people to have an understanding of exactly what it is that various people and groupings are calling for and on that basis to allow our people an opportunity to make an informed decision in terms of which side of the motion they want to belong to,” Cheembe said.

PF Chifubu MP Frank Nkambi has said he will table a private members Bill to push for the limitations of the number of times individuals should be allowed to have a go at the presidency.

The organisations who have supported the debate include LAZ, YALI and ADD youths among others.


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