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PF won’t accept defeat and handover power in 2016 – Fr. Bwalya

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Fr. BwalyaOpposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Fr. Frank Bwalya has warned that the Patriotic Front (PF) will  refuse to accept defeat and handover power in 2016.

Fr. Bwalya who closely worked with PF in the run upto the 2011 elections says he foresee a situation where the will of the people to vote out the current regime will not be respected.

“As such, we believe and fear that in the same manner PF has notoriously u-turned on its key election promises and violated the rights and freedoms of citizens, they will refuse to accept defeat and handover power in 2016. This premonition is not farfetched,” Fr. Bwalya says.

“PF is capable of shamelessly hanging on to power in total disregard of the wishes of the people,” Fr. Bwalya further says. “Since Zambians will not accept such illegal conduct by PF we fear that sustenance of peace and stability in our country will be under great threat.”

Fr. Bwalya has since urged all Zambians to do everything possible to make sure that PF loses with a big margin in 2016 so that the country can get even foreign help to remove the PF from power.

“We are also asking Zambians to be united and continue demanding for unity of purpose among well-meaning opposition political parties,” he says.

He says the arrogant manner in which PF has refused to honour its election promise to deliver a people driven constitution in an expedient and cost effective way should be of great concern to all Zambians.

Fr. Bwalya explains that the manipulation of the Zambia Police Service to deny Zambians their constitutional rights and freedoms such as freedom of assembly and expression should give the people a sure idea of how PF conducts itself.




Frank Bwalya – ABZ PRESIDENT


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