PF trying to sneak rejected political party bill through the back door – Msoni

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All People’s Congress leader Nason Msoni has termed the announcement by government that it wants to enact law to compel intraparty democracy in political parties as an act of dishonesty.

Msoni says the pronouncement is a betrayal to the resolutions of what he terms a Patriotic Front driven National Dialogue Forum (NDF) which collectively rejected the political parties’ bill.

He says the statement by Home affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo on the move to legislate the internal business of independent political parties does not promote the growth of democracy.

Msoni has advised government to move away from debate and embrace national consensus on the resolutions of the government sponsored NDF.

He adds that the political parties’ bill appears to be a tool of political assassination meant to disadvantage marked political opponents of the regime.

Msoni explains that in as much as Intraparty democracy is desirable, it is costly for the majority of opposition political parties who are not receiving any funding.

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One Response to PF trying to sneak rejected political party bill through the back door – Msoni

  1. I have a very big problem with the way most if not all politicians in Zambia understand democracy.

    These one-man and one-man-show political parties have sequentially damaged the few gains in our young democracy. We are worse than the one party state under UNIP and KK.

    Mr. Msoni and others with like mindset must stop deceiving themselves and Zambians that democracy is expensive to justify their undemocratic behaviors.

    PF and UPND are the leading fraudulently existing parties today.

    Zambia needs a total departure from the monarchy style of governance left to us by the British Colonialists in order to foster the present day Neo-Colonialism order.

    Enough is enough.

    Kaluba Musenda Musenda Simuyemba
    June 29, 2019 at 8:32 pm

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