PF tries to spin ZRA Boss recorded phone-call

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Media Director Sunday Chanda has issued the following statement done by PF first Secretary General Edwin Lifwekelo.

Kingsley Chanda


By Edwin Lifwekelo

The strategic importance of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) in our country cannot be over emphasised. The primary function of this institution is to collect revenue on behalf of the Government, and we all know that without fair and efficient revenue collection there can be no expenditure on infrastructure development projects; and without infrastructure development there can be no industrialisation. At the end of the day, ZRA is at the pulse of our economy.

Such an institution therefore needs to be led by a level headed person with strong values such as Integrity, Fairness, Equity and Courtesy among other traits, and free of partisan inclinations.

Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda as heard in a widely circulated telephone conversation with a member of the public calling himself “Nyela” has demonstrated that he meets the above criteria.

While being courteous and polite enough to listen to Nyela’s story, the ZRA chief politely and categorically refused to succumb to the alleged PF cadre’s unethical proposals that were based on tribal and political considerations. The ZRA Commissioner General Mr Kingsley Chanda is truly a principled professional.

He was emphatic in his response to Nyela that the funds ZRA collects on behalf of Zambians know no political colour! Revenue is revenue- period! It is not red, green orange or blue or whatever political party colour.

A wrong is wrong regardless of the tribe or ethnicity of the perpetrator.

It is therefore highly commendable that the ZRA was adamant that whatever disciplinary hearings that are taking place at the institution would go ahead without undue interference on political, ethnic or whatever lines.

At the end of the day, It is reassuring for Zambians to know that their Chief servant at ZRA not is biased towards UPND, MMD, PAC, PF, NAREP or whatever political party; and he is not inclined to or against Kaondes, Lozis, Bembas Tumbukas, Tongas, Ngonis or whichever of the 73 Zambian tribes. He is guided by professional principles.

The fact that he was not even aware that he was being recorded earns him even more kudos! After all it has been said that: “the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching”. So whether this was a trap or a test or whatever it is, Mr Kingsley Chanda continues to pass this test with flying colours!

He has truly exhibited the values of ZRA by performing his official duties in an impartial manner free of political, personal or other biases.

The fact that he also emphasised that he did want to be fired for backing a wrong, just goes to show his dedication to duty, the Zambian people and the appointing authority.

That is Integrity! When a person at his level exhibits the highest standards of personal probity and behaviour is very encouraging.

Kudos Mr Kingsley Chanda!


Edwin Lifwekelo

The Author is founding Secretary General of the Patriotic Front


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