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PF responds to Sangwa’s petition challenging Lungu’s third term bid

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President Lungu

PF Minister for Eastern Province, Makebi Zulu has called on Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa to bring forward a petition he said to have on his laptop that challenges President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility in the 2021 elections.

Zulu challenged Sangwa to bring it on; “He says he has this petition on his laptop, let him bring it, will respond to it and we will make sure he pays costs personally.”

Sangwa had previously argued that because President Lungu has been elected twice he cannot seek a third term.

“When you read the language of the Constitution, it is very clear. The bottom line is President Lungu does not qualify to stand in 2021, the issue is as simple as that.

“The Constitution does not talk about the number of times you serve, it is the number of times you get elected… There is no provision for a third term in our Constitution!” he has stated.

Addressing the matter, Zulu described the petition as a non-issue that has already been resolved.

However, Sangwa said he would bring the petition at the ‘right’ time that is when Lungu is nominated as a 2021 Presidential candidate.

He said should the Patriotic Front go ahead to field him, he will definitely bring the petition forward.

Meanwhile, a legal challenge once nominations have been submitted could shorten the campaigning period.

Lungu is seeking a third term and his party has been doing everything in its power, including trying to smuggle in the controversial Constitutional amendment (Bill 10) to hand Lungu a third term.


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