PF offers to sponsor UPND Councilors for Lusaka meeting

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The PF Western Provincial Chairperson has offered to sponsor all UPND Western Province based Councilors to travel to Lusaka for the proposed UPND meeting.

The UPND has summoned it’s Councilors to Lusaka and directed them to sponsor their trip for a party meeting.

This follows defections of some Councilors from the UPND to PF that has rocked the opposition party.

The meeting is scheduled for this week in Lusaka. The only Councilor under UPND in Lusaka resigned two weeks ago.

And UPND member Royd Moonga has called on the party to call off the Lusaka meeting.

In a letter to the UPND leadership availed to Zambian Eye, Moonga says the leaders should instead follow the Councilors in their Districts.

Below is Moonga’s letter.

Dear our beloved Leaders

I write to you with a humble heart and desire to see our beloved Party UPND reorganize itself and provide leadership in a manner that does not expose the Party to external influence taken advantage of loopholes created by ourselves due to planning and strategic lapses.

Iam suggesting that the letter written to our beloved Councillors across the Country inviting them for a meeting in LUSAKA with the leadership at their own cost be withdrawn or cancelled which ever is charitable for the following reasons :-

a) While the Party commits to negotiate affordable or lower accommodation and meals for Councillors who will travel from across the Country ,the bill still falls on the stressed pockets of the poor and struggling Councillors bearing in mind the Councillor’s income level is as low as that of a well paid Garden Boy which shouldn’t excite anybody at all instead sympathy must be seen in us their people.

b) Instead of inviting all the over 200 Councillors across the Country to come to Lusaka the Party will serve money (off course personal money of its members) if they are adviced to travel a shorter distance front their respective Wards to Provincial centres and meet their leaders with a shortened distance and possibly hold a 1 day meeting that will not requires meals but a meal and obviously a drink and water without accommodation expense.

c) Its cheaper to move a small sized enourage of comprising the following top leadership –

-President Hichilema

-Vice President -Hon GBM

-National Chairperson-Hon Mutale Nalumbango

– Secretary General-Hon Steven Katuka /Patrick Mucheleka

– National Womens Chairlady-Mrs Kabwiku

-National Chairperson Mobilisation -Hon Masebo

-Chairperson Elections-Hon Nkombo

-National Coordinator -Batuke Imenda
-National Youth Chairperson -Mufalali

This group will only need less than 6 vehicles and perhaps some Youths for security reasons and draw up a programme to tour all the Provinces where the Party has Councillors, Council Chairpersons ,including those without a single Councillors.

d)The above top cream of the UPND storming a Province at once will without doubt provide a health ONE-on-ONE interaction between Councillors in their small units of numbers and their Party leaders,hear their challenges and what has been affecting them ,hear how they think the grassroot structures can be strengthened . 
After the crossed door meeting with elected Civic leaders the Top Party leadership must hold another meeting with local leaders from the structures , the timing of the Provincial meetings should be framed in such a way that , at least our leaders should from each trip attend a Church service at a local church after a meetings with Councillors and local Party leaders from structures possibly throw a big rally in that Provincial capital to say “HELLO ” to ordinary voters .

E) This particular point is the main reason why the LUSAKA MEETING should be cancelled and this must be taken seriously.

-Our Councillors are struggling financially like i stated partially in the first point,they are the most grassroot attached and closest of the elected leaders in our Political sphere, they are the only ones who can tell us how each voter woke up this morning because they live with them ,they are the ones our common people in these struggling communities take their problems of hunger sicknesses, funerals for coffins,blocked roads due to a fallen tree or collapsed foot bridge, their pockets are stressed on daily basis, therefore asking them to travel to Lusaka at own expense is being insensitive on our part as a Party ,it means we are not being considerate of their dare situation which is may be frustrating them into selling themselves off to the corrupt regime in exchange for money which we as UPND are asking them to spend when they don’t have it .

Iam more certain the furthest Ward like in North Western in Kabompo Manyinga District and Zambezi needs roughly above k2500 to get to Lusaka and go back . DO THEY HAVE THIS MONEY ?

-These Councillors are frustrated (I mean its common sense, obviously that’s why they are being bought )

Therefore, bringing a group of human beings with some who can’t manage their frustrations especially after spending so much to get to Lusaka , what if they start interacting at the level of how much each one of them is frustrated ? Don’t we think there could be an open influence by those that are frustrated or planted to influence others into defecting ?

What if after struggling and borrowing money to travel they find the meeting falling short of their expectations hence going back to the grassroots disappointed .WHAT MESSAGE DO WE THINK THEY WILL TAKE ?

Remember these Councillors are drawn from the UPND strongholds , there is no other strongholds the Party can boast about other than where these Councillors will come from what if the meeting will be unsuccessful or unsatisfactory to their expectations DO WE THINK THEY WILL BE GOOD AMBASSADORS TO THE GRASSROOTS AS THEY GO BACK?

-The PF Western Provincial Chairperson has offered to sponsor all UPND Western Province based Councillors to travel to Lusaka for the proposed UPND meeting . WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ? Has the Party UPND created a loophole or exposed itself for the opponent to strike the IRON ?

-What if while these Councillors will be lodged in some Lodges exchanging frustrations which we all know MAY EXIST OR NOT but the reason for the first ever meeting with Councillors clearly shows there is a problem, now what if the same problems are shared during their interactions in those Lodges and then PF send emissaries in the Night to visit our Councillors to begin with offer to give transport ,accommodation and food refunds to all of them as a starting point and arrange to seal off the deal as they return back to their respective Wards …only to witness massive Councillors defections after the Lusaka meeting …WHO WILL UPND BLAME ?

From the above fears and reasons ,can the Party go ahead and cancel the Lusaka meeting instead draw a plan to go and meet them in their respective Provinces in their small numbers to encourage personal interactions and chances of expressions for all as opposed to hosting a huge meeting where some will go back without a hand shake with their President .

NB: Iam expecting our leaders to travel and make the interactions with Councillors in their Provincial centres worthwhile , enriching, plan how Councillors can be of help to acquire Party land in all Provinces to build UPND PROVINCIAL CENTRES WITH OFFICES AND RECREATION FACILITIES for Youths .


Yours In-service

Royd Moonga
Political Consultant and Advisor


One Response to PF offers to sponsor UPND Councilors for Lusaka meeting

  1. Royd Moonga l totally agree with you. Let the UPND Leadership listen to the voice of wisdom. PF Western Province Chairman is very stupid, who needs his stinking corruption laden money from Chinese Mafias? If he means well let him pay those community members who do not have good due to PF cruel policies.

    Mpombo Bob
    August 10, 2018 at 3:42 pm

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