PF now targeting my MPs – HH

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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says poverty is forcing a number UPND councillors to accept huge amounts of money in bribes to defect to the ruling PF.

And Hichilema has disclosed that the PF regime has now set its sights on buying his MPs in a bid to weaken the opposition and make it easy for them to manipulate the proposed constitutional amendment process.

Commenting on the continued defections of some UPND councilors to the PF, Hichilema says those defecting are killing their political future.

He however hailed the loyalty of UPND councillors in the Copperbelt rural, revealing that they resisted the ruling party’s attempts to bribe them last week.

“Some of our people will be bought, it’s called natural selection. Those who understand why they chose to stand on the UPND ticket will remain in the party but those who are not strong enough will go to the PF,” Hichilema told a media briefing in Lusaka today.

He accused the PF of looting money from the treasury and using it to bribe elected officials from his party, saying: “When they (PF) approach these councillors the ask them to add their salaries all the way up to the end of their terms, then they tell them that they will give them that plus a K100,000 on top. It’s hard for them to refuse.

“But where is all that money coming from? It is coming from the road contracts. It is coming from your taxes.”

And the opposition leader says he is aware that some of his MPs have been targeted for bribes by the PF regime in order to reinforce the narrative that the UPND was in decline but warned: “UPND is here to stay!”

The defiant Hichilema told cheering supporters, “Sometimes God has his own way of cleaning things out. Imagine, we could have appointed such people as cabinet ministers! So those that want to leave should leave.”

And in response to UPP leader Saviour Chishimba’s claims that he had been ‘captured’ and that some of the people in his inner circle are on the payroll of the PF, Hichilema said he did not know of such people.

“I don’t know of such people, maybe I’ll ask my brother Saviour, in private, to name names. But if at all we have such people among us, let them just leave UPND and join PF.”



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  1. We are ready to take up their positions if they resign.Im paying tax everyday thinking my money will bring development . very sad development. What are you fearing PF.

    August 3, 2018 at 5:37 pm

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