‘PF needs KBF as SG’

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The ruling Patriotic Front needs a focused Secretary General like Kelvin Bwalya Fube better know as KBF, a political analyst has advised.

Evans Mpandashalo Mwewa says KBF is capable of tackling the organisation challenges facing the ruling party right now if he was to assume the SG position.

“The Patriotic Front needs a transitional leader at the SG level to tackle organizational challenges with a defined purpose and direction. He must be appointed to lead a major transformation that should see the party rebranded to echo its original Pro Poor philosophy and take the power to the grassroots,” Mpandashalo said in a statement.

Mwewa also says having KBF who is a prominent Lusaka Lawyer as SG would heal the wounds of PF members who are not happy that the ruling party is taken over by MMD.

“He will face a complex, testing and currently an unenviable task of healing the wounds of PF members who have seen the party and literally taken over by the MMD but KBF has what it takes as he is highly qualified but remains level headed, a relatively rare board-level executive and arguably an alter ego for the President of the party,”

Mwewa also says KBF would be better than the current leadership at PF Secretariat who are mostly praise singers.

“The current leadership at the Secretariat is nothing but a praise team incapable devising any needed transformational policies, no wonder the Patriotic Front could go to war in Roan with blanks, ” Mpandashalo said.

“KBF is a recognised expert in politics as a true spin doctor and boasts multi-disciplinary expertise being a seasoned lawyer with multiple-industry experience” he said.

Currently, the PF has Davies Mwila as its SG. But there have been rumours of some party structures not being happy with his performance.

Mwila was elevated to the position of SG by President Edgar Lungu after he lost his Chipili Constituency seat to independent Jewis Chabi.


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