PF must immediately give relief food to starving citizens, demands UPND

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The UPND has demanded that government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) immediately sends relief food to affected districts in the country to avert a disaster.

About 58 districts in the country will need relief food following the completion of the vulnerability report by the DMMU under the Office of the Vice President.

UPND chairperson for agriculture and food development Levy Ngoma is also demanding that government immediately provides farmers the fertiliser and other agriculture inputs for the 2018-19 farming season.

“As Lungu and his cronies take a shopping trip on a private jet to New York, some of our citizens in Lumezhi District of Eastern Province are being ravaged by hunger and surviving on wild fruits and unripe mangoes,” Ngoma said in statement.

“This is sad especially coming against the backdrop of the news that Mr. Edgar Lungu and his greed and corrupt PF leadership have stolen huge amounts of money meant for the poor and vulnerable members of our communities.

“In light of all this huge scandal, we have Mr. Lungu and his PF leadership still chartering an expensive private jet to New York city for shopping, when our citizens are dying of hunger and disease due to lack of food and drugs in hospitals and clinics.

“This extravagant life style and insatiable appetite for spending public resources recklessly adopted by Mr Lungu, shows lack of concern for the overburdened citizens. It also shows lack of planning on the part of the PF leadership.

“Even worse, farmers are still being owed huge sums of money by the PF for last season’s crop.

“We demand that the PF leadership through the Disater Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), immediately sends relief food to Lumezhi District and other affected areas in the country to avert a disaster.

“Furthermore, the PF leadership must immediately provide our farmers the fertiliser and other agriculture inputs for this coming season.”

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema recently appealed to government and the general public to brace for the possible devastating effects of El Niño weather conditions.

“Like our party President Hakainde Hichilema earlier warned a few days ago, this farming season might equally be challenging to most farmers in areas such as Central, Lusaka, Eastern, Western and Southern Provinces because of the El Niño weather conditions which has been predicted by the World Meteorological organization. Adequate and foresighted preparations must therefore start now than the usual knee-jerk reactions so familiar with the PF.”


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