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PF lost power but maintained the arrogance

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By Mupishi Jones

A cocktail of state power with equal measure of arrogance is what made the Patriotic Front of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to be behaving in that thurgery manner during their entire seven year rule.

It was this combination of power and arrogance that was making PF cadres to ban other citizens from trading in state run markets and bus station with impunity.It was this combination that was making Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu pretend that he was incapable of bringing political hooliganism to an end.It wasn’t the law which Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu was using to declare other regions of this country as no-go regions for his political opponents but just that combination of power and arrogance.

When Bowman was going round closing people’s bars and beating bar patrons during covid era,he was neither using the law nor reason but that combination of power and arrogance! It is a no contest fact that most of the beneficiaries of government contracts during the PF of Mr Lungu were PF cadres or those close to the PF.It was not because these PF and associates were eligible and best evaluated bidders but they were getting these contracts through shear arrogance and power!

Every government procedure was contaminated with power and arrogance of the PF cadres and it’s associates.Getting a job in government, getting university scholarship, getting a voters card were all being determined by their arrogance and power instead of the law.

The PF is the first political party in the political history of this country which lost power but still maintain its arrogance.UNIP was quickly scrapped off it’s arrogance just upon losing power to the MMD.Equally the MMD when it lost power to the PF, the PF quickly moved in to remove that arrogance.

But the PF of Mr Lungu still holds on to it’s original arrogance even after losing power to an extent of even daring the law.The only difference with the PF of Mr Lungu today is that they have replaced that lost power with bitterness.What the PF of Mr Lungu should always remember is that the political landscape of this country from the days of UNIP,was drifting towards an “unwritten” rule that when a party loses power then it must cease to exist!

However, President Hakainde Hichilema discontinued that trend though at his own high political risk.He’s allowed the PF to hold press briefings and talk their lungs out from anywhere in this country.If he wanted,he could apply the same arrogance of power which Mr Lungu and his colleagues were using to circumvent the law and apply pliers to their body parts where it hurts most!

This is something that the PF of Mr Lungu wouldn’t understand or agree because they still think the way President Hakainde Hichilema is accommodating them is the same way they treated MMD when it lost power.A bad system doesn’t appear bad to those implementing it, they’re even ready to go miles to defend it.

Listen and closely observe Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s arrogance and bitterness when he’s talking to the media or in public,sometimes he thinks he’s still got that combination of power and arrogance.Listen to Raphael Nakachinda, listen to Given Lubinda and others, one would think they are still in power!

Contrast the level of arrogance and the intensity of bitterness when Mr Lungu and his PF members are talking to the way President Hakainde Hichilema, honorable Situmbeko Musokotwane, honorable Gary Nkombo, honorable Kabuswe, Honorable Sylvia Masebo and others talk when facing the people.There’s at least a sense of humility and human empathy in both their selection of words and body language.

The PF of Mr Lungu seems to have quickly forgotten that these same UPND leaders can also be arrogant if they choose to.Those that are coming into Zambia today and when they listen to Ministers like Nkombo, Masebo, Kabuswe, Doreen Mwamba, Elvis Nkandu,Tayali they wouldn’t know that these guys are made of a different type of metal incomparable to this arrogance we’re seeing from Mr Lungu and his colleagues.

They can also be lethal.To dislodge PF from power at its peak of arrogance wasn’t chicken feed, people died in the process!
It is this arrogance and bitterness that make majority Zambians develop goose pimples just at the mere thought of adding power to that combination again in 2026!

The PF of Mr Lungu may be riding on their perception of President Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND that they have failed to deliver on their campaign promises, but one sure thing I can tell Mr Lungu and his colleagues is that the majority Zambians feel the restoration of law and order, putting Zambians first before political affiliation when giving government jobs,abolishing political hooliganism, are the most important achievements amongst the promises UPND made whilst in opposition.
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