PF losing ground in Copperbelt

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By: Chipindi Caleb Fundanga

The ruling Patriotic Front is in dire need of a reality check. The current situation on the Copperbelt does not stand for good reading with around 24 months till the next election.

The ruling party has been highly dependent on the Copperbelt in all of its previous election victories and even in its time in the opposition. The economic situation on the Province is worrisome and solutions don’t seem to be coming from anywhere. The only strategy so far for both public institutions and private has been to close down whoever and whatever is not complying without due consideration of the socio-economic effects.

The Copperbelt right now has its biggest educational institution, Copperbelt University closed and government has gone mute on any plans to open the institution. How a government expects the over ten thousand students and staff of this institution to forget this lengthy delay on their personal growth and stall on their livelihood is just amazing considering the loss in a constituency in this Province that’s still so fresh it stinks a room.

The delay in reopening the institution only plays to the oppositions tune “government doesn’t care for you” which in turn brings out either voter apathy or revolt as seen in Roan constituency. You cannot expect to reap where you didn’t sow, what do you intend to tell the electorate that is young and seated at home being idle or the lecturer who has five immediate dependents all of voting age.

One wonders why the PF government’s central committee is taking this issue so lightly. Has PF forgotten that the constant closures of University of Zambia during the MMD era was used as a weapon by the party’s founding father Michael Chilufya Sata  as a tool to defeat that government. Wisemen have always said “never forget your past”.

The situation at CBU is just one of the many issues hurting the Copperbelt, As it stands Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) the biggest mine in the Province is shut down and under liquidation, thousands of employees are going without pay or medical insurance and contractors and suppliers are still owed.

SME’s are on their knees as less currency is now in circulation and inflation is going up while the cost of living keeps soaring. For all the pomp and celebration the Mine Unions showed when government was repossessing KCM, One wishes someone would have asked “What’s the plan”.

Several suppliers will suffer having used credit facilities to fulfill their orders and now sit waiting on a blue moon for that payment. What happens to the small kitchens that sold food to mine employees or the many groceries that waited for the miners pay day to stay afloat. What happens to the miners daughter, who sees her families stress and ends up in prostitution or the son who ends up committing petty crimes just for a few kwacha’s?

Decisions have been made without consideration. KCM right now is already signaling vandalism has started, what impact will that have on a future investors evaluation. Government has also not been totally honest to the miners who were supporting the move for liquidation every educated Zambian knows whoever will takeover will not be carrying the wage bill, job cuts are inevitable.

At the rate the ruling party is marketing itself on the Copperbelt should be of great concern to any party member. The political philosophy of handing out K200 to voters the day before elections has already been proven flawed, instead long term sustainable solutions that will keep the communities on the Copperbelt sustainable are key.

The Patriotic Front won the last general elections by just over 100,000 votes this is a margin that can be swallowed by a paltry five constituencies on the Copperbelt deciding to revolt against the leadership.

Chipindi Caleb Fundanga Investment Consultant Institute for Finance and Economics


2 Responses to PF losing ground in Copperbelt

  1. Those are most stupid idiot people in copper belt.Those people they can not reason are the most dull people in Zambia they don’t reason well on who is a good leader between a criminal or not criminal.can you imagine the whole province all people are musicians who can not speak English e.g Chester failed on roof top to speak English.

    June 16, 2019 at 4:54 am

  2. We shall just dance dununa reverse!

    Joe Mwansa
    June 17, 2019 at 10:08 am

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