PF is a catalyst to climate change

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By David Chikwanda

“Just like yeast to flour so is PF to climate change”

When a country is grappling with the effects of climate change, we expect everyone especially those in power to engage in activities that are aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change. But alas, we have a party in power that destroys a forest reserve just to build a party secretariat, who does that?

How many forests will the Patriotic Front destroy before we say enough is enough? Just recently, we were talking about forest 27 being shared by friends of the Patriotic Front despite the forest being in the recharge zone for Chalimbana and Chongwe.

Appeals have been made against this decision that it may threaten water resource availability as some water sources may dry up but the PF government has played deaf.

We are aware about the involvement of the President’s daughter Tasila Lungu in Forest 70 which is in Sinda.

Forest 70 also known as Chimutengo Forest, a watershed area, is a source feeding streams and rivers but this area has already been shared by the selfish PF officials.

Well, they say we Zambians forget easily but I’m sure they remember the saga in Kawena Forest in Shibuyunji involving a certain PF Kabwata MP Given Lubinda who beat up villagers and burnt their homes because he claimed they were occupying his land.

Kawena Forest (forest 42) was a protected reserve but it has been degatted and shared by PF officials and their friends.

From all this you can tell that there is nothing patriotic about the PF.

Because a patriotic party or government is one which operates in the best interest of the country not individuals close to the powers that be.

Forest 27 being cleared to pave way for the construction of houses and roads

PF is an enemy of nature and we cannot fight the battle against climate change using such an administration.

Some of you are saying we shall grab back these forests when there is change of government but are we going to replace the trees which have been replaced with houses and buildings.

We need to act now not waiting until the worst happens. We are all partakers of the destruction of our country as long as we remain mute when leaders are destroying the country.

Just look at how quickly our forest reserves have been destroyed under PF, what kind of greed and selfishness is this?

Recently we were talking about 80 lechwes missing in Bangweulu wetlands, mwebantu what kind of people are these? Mwe Lesa, they say leadership comes from God, is this leadership truly from God?

In conclusion, climate change is real and the Patriotic Front is acting as a catalyst to this process. We must remove this catalyst to save our country.



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