PF in a state of panic says Elias Chipimo Jr

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Elias Chipimo Jr

Opposition National Restoration party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo junior has said that the continued arrests of his MMD counterpart Nevers Mumba by the Zambia Police is a clear indication that the ruling Patriotic Front is in a state of fear and panic for its non performance since assuming power last year.
Mr. Chipimo has said that the government has failed to address serious economic issues affecting Zambians such as quality health care and Mealie meal shortages among others.
He has since charged that the continued harassment of leaders of the opposition political parties is aimed at shifting people’s attention from real issues.
He has advised the PF government not to hide its failures through oppressing opposition leaders but that they should be realistic and face the challenges.
Meanwhile, MMD president Nevers Mumba has vowed that he will not be intimidated in his fight for the country’s freedoms.
Dr Mumba has also stated that his arrests will not deter him from speaking the truth to the Zambian people.
Dr. Mumba who was yesterday arrested and charged for issuing a statement with the potential to cause the breach of peace has maintained that his claim that the PF government has set aside K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD is the truth.
He has alleged that the same money has been shared with some Civil Society Organizations to carry carryout discrediting messages on some community Radio Stations to discredit his leadership and the MMD.
And Dr. Mumba said that s he was appalled that a group of MMD members was paid to distribute money to unsuspecting members in Muchinga in exchange for signatures for the purpose of petitioning his removal.
The MMD president has also stated that only four Luapula provincial executive committee members defected to the PF after their attempts to buy signatures from members failed.
He said that the MMD National Executive Committee will not take kindly any member who will deviate from the ideals of the party.
Dr. Mumba has further said that the MMD’s 2013 message is love, unity and reconciliation and that the party is ready to re-admit any of its erring members who left the former ruling party.
He was speaking during a media briefing at the MMD Secretariat in Lusaka yesterday.


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