PF has banned campaigns in Lusaka for fear of losing – MMD

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Rev. Sambo

Rev. Sambo

Reverend Reuben Sambo says the real reason for banning political campaigns in Lusaka is not about political violence but is due to fears arising from findings of a foreign based research company that the entire Lusaka and surrounding areas are pro-UPND.

He says this has caused great panic in PF ranks forcing the suspension of UPND rallies so that they can use the 10 days to quickly re-brand the PF and President Lungu in a desperate effort to win back the support.
In a statement, Reverend Sambo alleged that huge mobilization teams and resources have been unleashed, with the help of some taxi drivers, to paint Lusaka Central ‘green’ with PF regalia to buy voters in order to avoid embarrassment in August.

He however says this scheme is likely to be thwarted by the new ‘water-melon’ concept which is urging UPND and MMD supporters and sympathisers to accept the green regalia, but only ‘eat the red and throw away the green.’

Reverend Sambo, who is the National Secretary for the Nevers Mumba-led MMD faction, also revealed that the PF have planned to use the 10 days window to mount huge billboards of President Lungu to try and improve his poor image by showing his face everywhere.

He further said these frantic last minute efforts have come late because Zambians have already decided to remove the PF government due to their lies and poor ‘chipantepante’ policies which have caused massive job losses, escalation of basic commodity prices out of the reach of most Zambians.

He said President Lungu is likely to have fueled the spate of police violence in the country which has resulted in the murder of a UPND cadre, seriously wounding others because he personally told a public rally recently that he had summoned all senior police officers to State House and instructed them to deal with the opposition in his words,

‘MUBOMBELEPO PANTU NABA TUMPA SANA’ (deal with them because they have become very stupid) as can be heard from a video clip, which has gone viral on social media. He said another video clip which has gone viral is that of an alleged PF cadre being interrogated at Lusaka Central Police station, wearing a police uniform, believed to be part of a large contingent of PF cadres who were recruited 18 months ago and have now been released into communities to cause terror.

Reverend Sambo has said the banning of political campaigns in Lusaka has actually worked in the opposition’s favour as this has created an opportunity for them to flood the entire Copperbelt, with mammoth rallies to ensure PF is kicked out of power.

The Zambia United Alliance partners have in the last three days criss-crossed the Copperbelt holding huge rallies addressed by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, UPND Running-mate GBM and alliance partner MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba, with the message to the Copperbelt electorate that the PF vision for them is ‘NO JOBS’ as evidenced by the massive job losses in the mining sector since they came to power.

He said . Lungu has failed to implement late President Sata’s ‘MORE JOBS’ vision promised in 2011 and wondered which vision he was following since thousands of miners have now been turned into beggars under his watch and they have not brought a single mining investor to Zambia since taking power. The PF have instead specialised in destroying what they found.


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