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PF has killed Zambia’s agriculture – Nevers Mumba

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Dr Mumba is shown the harvest by some farmers

Dr Mumba is shown the harvest by some farmers

Opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba has expressed shock at the devastating effects of the PF’s disastrous agriculture policy which he said has left most small scale farmers impoverished.
Dr. Mumba noted that PF has destroyed the country’s once flourishing agriculture sector adding that small scale farmers are the hardest hit.
Dr Mumba is touring Central Province on a fact finding mission to check on the impact of the PF’s agriculture policy and reorganize the former ruling party.
The MMD leader who made several stop overs to interact with farmers in Mkushi South where he started his tour of duty told the villagers that it is sad that they continue to suffer due to the PF’s lack of policy direction especially in the agriculture sector.
Dr Mumba predicted that at the rate the PF is going, Zambia will soon have no agriculture sector to about.
He called on Zambians to vote the PF out of office in 2016 and vote back the MMD, the party that had a sound agriculture policy.
Dr Mumba said the MMD heavily supported small scale farmers through the Farmer Input Support Programme and purchased produce from farmers on time which ensured that farmers got real value for their labour.
He charged that the PF’s stay in the office has completely destroyed the agriculture sector due to a lack of policy direction.
And the opposition leader has compared the ruling PF to a dishonest man who promises good things to his wife but does not honor his promises.
Speaking when he addressed villagers in Mkushi South constituency where he met party officials, Dr. Mumba said what the PF has done to Zambia is not different from lying to a woman before marrying her.
He said Zambian should detest the PF just like a woman detests being lied to.
Dr Mumba said the PF knowingly deceived the small scale across the country that they would increase the bags of fertilizer and seeds but the opposite has happened as vulnerable small scale farmers have been reduced to destitutes.
The MMD leader said farmers are now made to share inputs and fertilizer amongst themselves, something he said was unheard of during the MMD administration.
He said the PF got to power with many flowerily promises which they have since failed to deliver as they have realized that governing a country cannot be done by word of mouth.
Meanwhile, several small scale farmers have complained to Dr Mumba that delays by government to announce the Maize floor price for this year’s Maize marketing season is forcing them to sell their produce to briefcase business men who are exploiting them.
And Dr Mumba also stopped to chat with some business men involved in the buying of maize who also had their share of complaints.
The Maize traders called on the opposition leader to lobby government on their behalf to open up the export market for Maize to enable them earn more money.
They said it is unfair for government to treat them like criminals whenever they tried to sell their maize across the border hence the need for the government to legalize the export of maize.


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