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PF govt now orders millers to reduce mealie meal prices

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The Zambian government has instructed Millers in the country to reduce the price of mealie meal by between K3000 and K5000 with immediate effect.

This is as a result of the maize that was released by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) following a directive to release 1200 metric tons of maize.
This means that the retail price for the commodity will now be K50 000 for a 25kg of breakfast mealie meal were as that for roller will be K38000.
Meanwhile some millers have reduced the price of the commodity from the K61 000 per 25 kg bag.

Recently the country was hit by a rapid increase of mealie meal with some places selling the staple food as high as K115 000.
The government however, blamed the situation on millers accusing them of failing to satisfy the local market by preferring to export the commodity to neighbouring countries.


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