PF government refuses to register “Kalaba’s party”

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File: Harry Kalaba briefing President Lungu at one of the international meetings

GOVERNMENT has rejected an application for registration of the Zambian Democrats Party for allegedly being linked to former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba.
But Kalaba, when phoned, said he had no comment on the matter.
According to a letter dated February 21 addressed to Zambian Democrats Party representative Mark Ngoma, principal registrar at the Registrar of Societies Chipo Banda stated that the application was unsuccessful due to “various reasons”, without elaborating further.
“Reference is made to your verbal request for a formal response on the status of your application for registration of a new political party, Zambia Democrats, being spearheaded by yourself,” stated Banda
“I wish to advise that your application was unsuccessful due to various reasons.”
According to sources at the Registrar of Societies, the Zambian Democrats Party made an application for registration last September but it was being ignored on instructions from the “higher authorities”.
“This application came in last year in September; it was brought by Mr Ngoma. From that time, there hasn’t been any response and the applicant has been making several follow-ups but no response, until now that the response just had to be given. They are linking it to Kalaba so that is the reason for this rejection,” said the source at the Registrar of Societies.
Banda was, however, unavailable for comment as she was reportedly in a meeting while Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo’s phone went unanswered.
But Chipili independent member of parliament Jewis Chabi has said the PF is scared of Kalaba, hence its rejection of an application for registration of a political party linked to the Bahati PF member of parliament.
In an interview, Chabi said it was laughable that the ruling party that claimed Kalaba was not a factor was insecure about his activities.
“I thought that would be better for them if they suspect it is honourable Harry Kalaba’s political party. Why can’t they register it because they have always wanted honourable Kalaba to leave the PF? They have called him all sorts of names and they have even said that he is not a factor. They have challenged him to leave the PF and prove his popularity outside PF. If they are suspecting that the political party might have some links with honourable Harry Kalaba, I think that should be a relief on their part; their prayers have been answered. So, why are they now stopping him? It means they are scared of him. If they are not scared of him, why would they want to block a party just because they suspect it is linked to him?”
Chabi wondered.
“Why are they blocking it…I thought we were in a democratic dispensation where political parties are allowed to be registered and carry out their activities in terms of politics. How? Why didn’t they stop NDC or other parties? Why would you block a political party you suspect is linked to someone who is not a factor? Is that not a sign of cowardice…being scared of your political opponents? I am challenging them to allow that political party to be registered, whether or not it is linked to honourable Kalaba…”
He said the PF was confirming that Kalaba was a factor and that his resignation from government had shaken the party.
“What is their problem ba PF kanshi? MMD allowed them to exercise their democratic right…till MMD was defeated and kicked out of government. Why are they stopping others from doing the same? These are the things they were allowed to do when they were in opposition. Is there such a thing like not allowing a political party to be registered? I don’t know, I stand to be corrected because as far as I know, the Registrar of Societies can only disqualify,”
said Chabi.
Kalaba, when phoned, said: “I don’t have a comment on that.”



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  1. You should have respect. How do you verbally apply for registration and ask for formal response from Registrar? Educated fool.

    senior bino
    February 23, 2018 at 9:08 am

    • Iwe ci Senior Bino….read the story carefully. Don’t make useless statements without reading the whole story. Useless fool.

      National Asset
      February 23, 2018 at 10:12 am

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