PF expels Harry Kalaba

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The ruling PF has expelled Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba from the party following a Central Committee meeting.

PF secretary seneral Davies Mwila says the party will soon write to the Speaker of the National Assembly requesting him to declare the Bahati seat vacant.

Mwila told a media briefing today that Kalaba has conducted himself in a manner that has brought the name of the party into disrepute, adding that he has shown no respect or regard for party leadership.

Kalaba resigned as Foreign Affairs Minister a year ago and has been highly critical of the Edgar Lungu regime since then.

He has declared his intention to run for President in the 2021 general elections on the Democratic Party ticket.





Members of the Central Committee
The Press,
Good Afternoon,

The Central Committee of the Patriotic Front met today for a special sitting to receive and deliberate on the Report of the Party’s Disciplinary Committee regarding in the case of Honourable Harry Kalaba, PF Member of Parliament for Bahati Constituency.


The Central Committee received a recommendation from The Luapula Provincial Committee during the Central Committee meeting held on 24th March 2018 to expel the Bahati Member of Parliament, Honourable Harry Kalaba from the Party citing various reasons.

The Central Committee referred the matter to the Disciplinary Committee of the Central Committee for further action. In the process of reviewing the grounds advanced by the Provincial Committee against Honourable Kalaba, the Disciplinary Committee took judicial notice of newspaper statements attributed to Honourable Harry Kalaba, which statements bordered on utter disregard and disrespect for The Party, its leadership and Party Constitution.

On 15th October 2018, as Secretary General of the party I wrote a letter to Honourable Kalaba, asking him to exculpate himself on four charges leveled against him arising from newspaper statements attributed to him.

Honourable Kalaba, responded to my letter through on 16th October 2018. In the said letter, Honourable Harry Kalaba failed to exculpate himself as he failed to address to the allegations that were levelled against him.

On 14th of January 2019, as Secretary General of the Party, I wrote a letter to Honourable Kalaba inviting him for a disciplinary hearing at the Party Secretariat on the 22nd of January 2019.

Mr. Kalaba did not present himself for the hearing before the Disciplinary Committee.
On 22nd of January 2019, the Disciplinary Committee held a meeting to deliberate on the case of Mr. Kalaba.

The Disciplinary Committee found Mr. Kalaba guilty on several counts:

1) Acting in a manner that is likely to bring the name of the Party into ridicule or contempt or disrepute. This is as per Regulation (29c) of the Patriotic Front Constitution.

2) Spreading false information or rumours which tend to injure the reputation of the Party, or any of its leaderships contrary to Regulation 29(h) of the Patriotic Front Constitution.

3) Committing any act which in the opinion of the Central Committee is not in the interest of the Party contrary to Regulation 29(o) of the Patriotic Front Constitution.


Article 19 of the Party Constitution and the disciplinary Code Handbook at Page 13 provides for sanctions. Depending on the seriousness of misconduct or the offence by the member the following sanctions shall apply:

(A) simple warning or caution
(b) written reprimand censure
( c) demotion in office
( d) suspension from office or function in the party for a specified period
( e) expulsion from the party by the central committee

Looking at the factors above, Central Committee heard that Mr. Harry Kalaba had grossly misconducted himself and has continued to do so with impunity.

Central Committee also heard that the Respondent had no respect nor regard for the Party leadership as he even decided to stay away from the disciplinary hearing without giving reasons.

Central Committee further noted that the respondent had been accorded Procedural Fairness in this case by providing an opportunity for him to be heard. From the available sanctions under the Party’s Disciplinary code, the Central Committee adopted the recommendation by its disciplinary Committee that sanction (e) would be commensurate to the offences committed by the Respondent.


I wish to announce to the people of Bahati Constituency and the nation at large that Central Committee unanimously agreed to expel Mr. Harry Kalaba from the Party and by virtue of this decision; the Honourable Speaker will be notified to declare Bahati Parliamentary Seat Vacant.


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