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PF don’t care abuse of authority by Lungu, they think will govern until kingdom come

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By Yona Musukwa

Young politicians, watch and learn. Always stand for what is right, not for position mongering and which side your bread is best buttered.

One was Kitwe Mayor and the other was Kitwe DC. They watched, and didn’t care when Police abused and denied the opposition political space and freedoms in Kitwe.

They went about doing their politics as if nothing was wrong. You can all pretend, as you always do, but luckily, like they say, Karma lihule, karma is a bitch that knows everyone’s address.

Today, the same bells that have been tolling for the opposition is now tolling for the once PF civic authority of Kitwe. Karma is doing what it does best.

We can only hope everyone is learning, that when you are in position of power, fight for what is right. When you fight for others, you fight for yourself.

Many people in PF today don’t care about abuse of authority by President Lungu and his PF top brass. They think they are very safe, that they will continue enjoying until kingdom come. But God is a God of justice.

The people, who, just yesterday, were moving freely and all over Kitwe, today, they can’t even be in church without a permit. They can’t even greet their neighbors, without police asking for a permit. The same police officers that always saluted for them everytime they saw them, now are demanding for police permits everytime they see them.

Bane, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Regardless of your position in society, fight for a just and fair society, so that tomorrow, you won’t be a victim of unjust laws and rules.

Those two have been living in President Lungu’s Zambia, were they enjoyed first class citizenship. Now they have joined us in the real Zambia, where the majority of us live, where we are treated like dogs, with only paper rights that mean nothing.

We can only say to the two celebrities, welcome to the real Zambia. This is just the beginning of your problems. Ask Honourable Chishimba Kambwili what they have done to him.


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