PF deliberately sabotaging dialogue process – Msoni

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Nason Msoni

The Patriotic Front’s calculated attempts at frustrating and manipulating the dialogue process and ultimately dodging the whole dialogue process are rather shameful and a serious indictment on the Presidency, All People’s Congress (APC) leader Mason Msoni has charged.

Msoni was reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s decision to shun last week’s consultative meeting between the three church mother bodies in preference to attending a PF meeting in Kitwe.

23 political party leaders including Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND attended the consultative meeting held at Kapinjila House in Lusaka on Friday.

Msoni argues that the dialogue process is “more important than possibly going to address a horde of party cadres on the Copperbelt.”

“In terms of national priority, the political dialogue process is extremely important, especially that they’re a party in government who ought to demonstrate leadership,” the opposition leader said in a statement.

“The absence of the PF leadership at the church lead dialogue is sad and shameful.

“We think the blatant disrespect and contempt displayed against the church leadership is shocking and rather striking and most unfortunate in the circumstances.”

The APC leader says the president’s actions show that the ruling party lack the necessary political will for dialogue with opposition political parties.

“It is obvious from their unfortunate behaviour that the PF leadership has resorted to playing hide and seek on a serious national undertaking for the obvious reasons that they’re lacking the necessary political will for holding genuine and candid political dialogue with the opposition political parties.

“We don’t understand that part where President Lungu asserts that dialogue is being used to undermine the rule of law? Just how does this happen? When he says that he upholds the rule of law that even raises more questions on the subject as to whether he really fully understands it in the same context as we all do,” Msoni said in response to President Lungu’s comments while in Kitwe where he warned opposition leaders not to use the dialogue process to break the law.

“All indications are that he is the main causer of all the known lawlessness in the country. Circumventing the constitution of the country with impunity through threats and intimidation clearly points to the extent of his willingness to undermine the rule of law.

“Dialogue cannot undermine the rule of law but it is the uncouth behaviour of running away from the prospects of holding dialogue with stakeholders that leads to lawlessness and unorthodox behaviour of resolving political matters through threats, intimidation and violence.”

On claims by State House that President Lungu was not invited to the meeting, Msoni charged: “The church made an open invitation to all political parties to attend the consultations amongst political stakeholders. It was a public invitation and not a clandestine invitation done secretly to exclude any political party. So for him, he expected that everything should come to a standstill on account that he had to go and talk to party cadres on the Copperbelt? And so for him the fact that the consultations went ahead that amounts to the lawlessness that’s according to him which we think is most unfortunate in the circumstances.”


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  1. Sympathies should go to Mr Musoni for he does not understand the importance and significance of a Provincial Party Convention particularly in a Province that is a stronghold of the Party.For the moment President Lungu owes his entrance and stay in State House principally because of Copperbelt Province among other areas which voted for him.Mr Musoni remains the only party cadre of his Party and therefore has huge quantities of time to spare for any slight invitation.

    It will be very interesting to see how PF WILL BREAK OFF from their campaign on 18th January,2019 in an Election they want to wrestle the seat from the current holders just to go to a dialogue meeting whose agenda still remains unclear owing to the exclusion of ZCID.IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT OUT OF THE 23 POLITICAL PARTIES who attended the dialogue meeting at Kapingila House,less than FIVE parties are participating in the Parliamentally By election whose campaign by 18th January,would have kicked off.

    December 31, 2018 at 2:43 pm

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