PF Chairman warns bloggers

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The Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairman Samuel Mukupa has warned that the party will not allow its name to be abused by people setting up unauthorised blogs to spread insults and other derogatory statements on social media.

Mukupa has since directed the PF chairperson for security and youth to summon administrators of all PF aligned groups immediately with a view to providing clear guidelines.

“The Party has noted a disturbing trend on Social Media platforms where some spiteful bloggers using the name of the Party are publishing and circulating insults and other demeaning and derogatory statements as well as voice notes targeted at respective Party leaders,” said Mukupa, according to a statement released by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda.

“In any case, the Party wishes to remind the general membership that it is against the law for anyone inside or outside PF to publish insults or any slanderous statements especially targeted at the Patriotic Front political leadership.”

Mukupa has further instructed the PF Secretariat to immediately compile a record of all those who have a tendency to publish insults on social media and report them to the Police immediately.

He has also warned that reports of certain leaders sponsoring hate agendas against fellow leaders in the Party shall be investigated and sanctions shall accordingly accrue to all culprits.

“In addition, the Party has directed that all Social Media Groups bearing the name of the Party, “Patriotic Front” shall be required to be registered with the Party Secretariat with immediate effect and consent of members should be obtained before they can be added.

“To register, group administrators shall be required to be bonafide members of the Party in good standing with traceable references.”

Mukupa says only duly appointed administrators will be allowed to run online media on behalf of the Party.

He says members of the PF, including party leaders retain the right to consent or not consent to be added to a group.

“These measures are important for the Party to maintain and maximise discipline both online and offline in accordance with the founding principles and objectives of Patriotic Front.

“In conclusion, the Patriotic Front emphasises that any abuse of social media is retrogressive to PF’s quest of promoting intra-party democracy.”


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  1. The problem with the world today is you are trying to police social media. even the creators of these platforms are failing…unfortunately you just cant and in dictatorial countries they have tried by shutting down these platforms but it has not helped..for example it was down in Zimbabwe with ED. Munagangwa

    Aristide Bance
    April 16, 2019 at 4:56 pm

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