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PF cadres attempt to lynch Pilato, prevent him from performing

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Suspected PF cadres on Saturday blocked Pilato from performing at a star studded event featuring the likes of Macky 2, Chef 187 and Chester at the Evelyn Hone Club in Lusaka.

The rapper and civil rights activist was due to perform after Chef 187 but he could take to the stage, the cadres moved in and attempted to lynch him. Quick action by the student union leader Emmanuel Kalangwa and a group of male students prevented the angry youths from assaulting Pilato.

According to Pilato, the PF cadres presumably from Intercity Bus Terminus were transported to the event in a Ministry of Local Government vehicle.

The controversial artiste, who early this year fled the country after receiving death threats from ruling party cadres following the release of his hit song ‘Koswe Mumpoto’, narrated the ordeal in the Facebook post below.


I was supposed to perform at this event but couldn’t because cadres who were brought in a government vehicle from the Ministry of Local Government threatened to beat me up. When I arrived I noticed a white Nissan written Ministry of Local Government ferrying drunk youths who I later came to know as cadres from the intercity bus terminus. My performance was supposed to be just after Chef 187, when I was handed the microphone the cadres had invaded my space and where already threatening violence. When they charged and came closer to where I was, The Student Union President Emmanuel Kalangwa stepped in with other male students to protect me. They managed to rescue me and escorted me to the car safely and saw me off.

The truth here is, am not easily moved or threatened. You can’t finish what is already finished. Teti uchushe ichachula. I do understand that the main reason you want to beat me up or kill me is not because am Fumba Chama or Pilato. It’s because I do not agree with you. It’s because what I stand for inconveniences your selfishness, your corruption and your crookedness. I am even more determined to speak that which I feel is justice for the poor, to fight anything and anyone that perpetuates social inequalities. If you feel beating me up is the best way of improving service delivery for our marginalized communities….come beat me. Am not into this for fashion or to make friendships, this is life.

Meanwhile We are protesting corruption on the 28th September at Parliament again. See you there.


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