PF begins campaign to expel it’s Kantanshi MP

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PF begins campaign to have it’s Kantanshi member of Parliament Anthony Mumba expelled, reports Asa Manda.

Mumba is now seen as member of the ruling party UPND on an opposition PF ticket.

Insiders within PF have told Zambian Eye that the move to kick Mumba out of the party has begun.

“He cannot eat with both hands, we are getting rid of him from the PF and go for a by-election,” said a PF member of the Central Committee who chose to remain anonymous.

Mumba has openly said that the PF the party on whose ticket he is in Parliament is not inspiring.

Over the weekend at the UPND fundraising event, he parted away with K150, 000 for the First Lady Mutinta Hichilema painted picture.

The PF feels it can beat the UPND if a by-election is held in any Copperbelt urban constituency.

Zambian Eye, 3rd August 2022.


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